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Free Speech for all Americans UNLESS you are Critical of Islam

Rachel’s Law (Libel Terrorism Protection Act) became the Law of the land in the State of New York. The Law was named after Rachel Ehrenfeld who was persecuted in a foreign civil suit (Britain) by Saudi Arabian billionaire Islamist Khalid Salim Bin Mahfouz. The reason Bin Mahfouz brought the civil suit is because Ehrenfeld’s book “Funding Evil” mentioned his name as one of the conduits that finance transnational terrorist organizations.

Evidently the Islamofascist did not want to be exposed in the English reading West because bin Mahfouz was determined to sue Ehrenfeld. “Funding Evil” was (at the time anyway) was only published in America. This was significant because for bin Mahfouz to sue Ehrenfeld in America he would he have to prove Ehrenfeld libeled him. Which of course he could not and also an American civil suit would expose his billionaire finances to American scrutiny as his lawyers would have to provide discovery documents that would probably open more doors to funding terrorist activities.

So bin Mahfouz sued Ehrenfeld in Britain. “Funding Evil” was never published there however bin Mahfouz used the pretext a few copies of the book had been purchased by the Internet in Britain.

Why did the Islamofascist sue Ehrenfeld (an American citizen) in Britain where “Funding Evil” was never published? In British (and probably European) Courts the burden of proof is upon the accused instead of the accuser.

Thus literally Ehrenfeld (not a millionaire) would have to come up with travelling expenses and foreign legal fees to battle Islamofascist billionaire bin Mahfouz in the British Courts. Ehrenfeld chose to not even show up in Britain.

The dhimmi British Judge proceeded to award Islamofascist bin Mahfouz a lucrative financial decision in Ehrenfeld’s absence.

This libel decision in British Courts which was one of many began to get the attention of Publishers in America. They became concerned they also may be held accountable in civil court in foreign lands. Bin Mahfouz and other Islamofascists effectively shut down free speech in America. American Publishers were refusing to publish any books exposing Islamofascist terrorism which also would tap into the livelihood of American and foreign writers that published in American Publishing Houses.

Ehrenfeld fought back in America. First she used the New York State Courts; however they told her the State Courts had no jurisdiction on foreign Courts. Then Ehrenfeld lobbied in New York’s State Assembly. The Assembly protected Ehrenfeld and other writers from Libel terrorism by passing Rachel’s Law.

As you might guess Rachel’s Law is only effective for Publishing Houses in the State of New York. Thank God Representative Peter King introduced the Federal version of Rachel’s Law with the appellation of
Free Speech Protection Act. Unfortunately the Federal Rachel’s Law is not law yet.

I say “unfortunate” because
Random House has cancelled the publication of a book by Sherry Jones about the sexual habits of Mohammed and his child bride Aisha (married at six years old). A college Professor spread the information to Islamofascist radicals who commenced to threaten Random House. Random House has capitulated cancelling publication and the imminent book tour Jones was preparing to publicize her book.

This is shameful of Random House especially since the publishing house is
centered in New York, the bastion of anti-libel terrorism which enacted Rachel’s Law.

The scenario I am seeing is this: A Left Wing Professor deluded into supporting Islamism made the Islamists aware of the imminent publication of Sherry Jones’ book. I can’t believe a civil suit scared Random House off because of their location. Ergo a combination of the Islamic victimhood card and probably the threat of violence terrorized Random House from proceeding with publishing Jones’ book. Did you catch that? The self-proclaimed
largest English language publishing house was terrorized into dropping the publication of a book critical of Islam.

Americans can criticize Leftists, Conservatives, Christians, Fringe Right Wing Groups (KKK, Aryan Nation et al), and Jews or just about anything EXCEPT Islam.

Thus freedom of speech is again being threatened by Islam. Warner Todd Huston has the story and the details –

JRH 8/7/08


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