Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Allah or God?

Islam Watch is one of those websites a non-Mohammedan can go to receive an understanding of the theo-political teachings of Mohammedanism (better known as Islam).

More and more anti-jihadists and anti-Islamists are beginning to sway to the opinion that Mohammedanism is a religion that is more political and militaristic in ideology than a personal faith in which a human seeks peace with a personal God.

I myself waver back and forth on this opinion because (finally) there are a few Muslims that are eschewing the murderous, lack of rights and intolerance that are indeed inherent in the Mohammedan holy scriptures.

There is a small group of Muslims that have a blog (MuslimsAgainstSharia) with a home site with the same name but a different URL (http://www.reformislam.org/).

Now I am not endorsing a reformed Islam as a faith for I am a devout Charismatic/Pentecostal; however I am also an American. As an American I do believe in freedom of Religion. I wonder how a reformed peaceful Islam would stand against a missionary Christian. I suspect without the threat of violence for becoming an Islamic apostate, the religion of Islam would shrink. Of course that is my Christian opinion. A reformed Mohammedan certainly would have a different opinion.

Nonetheless, without reform Mohammedanism is a deadly theo-political cult bent on intolerant subjection of the globe and the termination of Freedom and Liberty.

Thus you need to read this Islam Watch essay entitled “Why Allah is not God?

JRH 8/12/08

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