Monday, August 18, 2008

RE Pakistan: Remember Iran’s Revolution

Matthew Pennington writing for the AP has put together a report which claims that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is safe from Islamists.

Pennington’s report goes on to say that Pakistan has some kind of military tribunal with ten members called the Strategic Plans Division. And catch this: This tribunal was set up by Musharraf within one year of his first coming to power.

Pennington’s report says the Pentagon believes that the Pakistan Military would be in control of the nuclear arsenal through this tribunal. Thus a democratically elected Islamist government could not push nuke buttons. Further more the Pentagon believes an Islamist revolutionary take over if possible is years away. Like that should comfort Americans who should be aware Islamists would launch some kind of attack with nukes against American assets just because they could and in the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed.

Another thing to think about: Any projection of Islamist revolution is not reassuring. The Shah of Iran was firmly an American ally. He was totally backed by Presidential Administrations until America’s
delusional Leftist President Carter was elected. Carter took it upon himself to show the Shah’s harsh regime was evidence to throw the Shah under the proverbial bus. This thinking of Carter occurred toward an American ally even though then anti-American Egypt and Syria were (and are) every much as brutal as the Shah was.

I wonder how a new Leftist Appeaser such as Barack Obama would do if a charismatic Sunni Islamist began accruing popularity in Pakistan.

I think the Pentagon is using PR to assuage pundits to the actual potential of an Islamist regime in Pakistan.

When the Shah went into exile, Ayatollah Khomeini sanitized the Iranian military of pro-Shah leadership and just to make sure
Khomeini began his own paramilitary force which has become known as the Revolutionary Guard.

Just think if some charismatic Sunni Cleric caught the imagination of the Pakistani people who are not exactly hip to the potential of moderate Pakistani Military rule or elitism always entering the political fray when there is a perception of emerging political chaos.

I think this is one of those “don’t believe everything you read moments.”

JRH 8/18/08

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