Friday, August 08, 2008

BHO Forged Birth Certificate?

Could Barack Hussein Obama not be eligible to run for U.S. President? Apparently some forensic analysis has been done on BHO’s Birth Certificate that was posted on the Moonbat blog Daily Kos. The conclusion by the analysts was the Birth Certificate was a forgery.

Now before the Right hails an “AHA!” moment, there are a couple things to consider.

    1. The analysis was performed under the auspices of the Israel Insider which is not exactly a pro-Obama group (bless there hearts).

    2. BHO is entrenched into the American Leftists as the second coming of the Leftist Messiah, I doubt any traction will be allowed to prove or disprove BHO’s path to American citizenship.

Nonetheless, this simply adds to the continuously build up of scandalous associations and history that should make an American with any sense to wonder why there is such a cloak and dagger darkness relating to information on a potential President of the United States of America.


JRH 8/8/08

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