Thursday, August 20, 2009

Israel, Hezbollah and Iran Nukes

An assassin Islamic terrorist with ties to Hezbollah was assassinated in Damascus, Syria on February 2008. That person was Imad Mugniyah. Mugniyah was no doubt the darling of the Muslim Middle East. He had no trouble associating with Shi’ites and Sunnis alike. Mugniyah was a Commander within Hezbollah which is Shi’ite and Iranian influenced. He also had close associations with Usama bin Laden. He was quite the indiscriminant homicidal killer of Westerners, Jews and even Muslims.

Mugniyah even founded his own offshoot terrorist organization with the appellation of Islamic Jihad. He notoriously murdered hundreds of U.S. Marines in Lebanon. Bombed and killed Jews at Israeli foreign embassies. He is noted for bombing the Khobar Towers in the heartland of Dar al-Islam; i.e. Saudi Arabia.

Although Israel has not officially claimed the glory for assassinating Mugniyah in Damascus, it is widely agreed by Western and Islamic international political watchers that Israel is the culprit hero.

So here is the thing. The Middle East and particular medieval minded Muslims living there are really into the vengeance blood libel thing. Since Israel is the perceived hero that terminated the Islamic lunatic murderer, it is widely expected the Islamic group – Hezbollah – who Mugniyah was associated with will seek payment for the blood libel.

Hence a
war of words has been exchanged between Israel and Hezbollah. Lee Smith writing for Hudson Institute speculates that the war of words may elevate into an actual war (again) between Israel and Hezbollah.

Of course the geopolitics involved in another war against Hezbollah in Lebanon is that Hezbollah is a client terrorist organization of
Twelver-Shi’ite psycho Iran. Currently Iran is on a path to build a nuclear arsenal and has not been shy about publicly saying that Israel needs to be wiped off the map.

Israel in its turn has not been shy about saying the existence of a nuclear Iran is unacceptable.

So people may be wondering, “What would Iran do in another armed conflict between Israel and Hezbollah?”

I think that is the incorrect question.

The question should be as Israel finds an excuse to invade Lebanon because Hezbollah acts of vengeance in Israel or toward Israelis in foreign lands: Will Israel use an invasion of Lebanon to make a stealth attack on Iranian nuke locations?

After all it assumed that Iran would unleash Hezbollah on Israel anyway if an attack on Iranian nuke facilities occurred. Why not engage Hezbollah preemptively as a distraction then artfully attack Iranian nuke sites?

Sure Israel will be castigated by the Western Left and maybe some token vitriol by surrounding Sunni Muslim nations; nonetheless if Hezbollah gives Israel a good chance to invade Lebanon to punish a transnational terrorist organization that is utilizing a near puppet Lebanese government as a base, Israel should preemptively invade Lebanon then strike Iran nuke sites.

I believe the Sunni Arab nations will secretly be happy that Israel made an effort to set the Iranian nuke program behind if not lucky enough to obliterate it completely.

Syria would be the only wild card in this scenario. Syria has some kind of aggression pact with Iran and is the Iranian conduit to supply Hezbollah militarily (and probably the Sunni Hamas movement as well). Syria has a history of gutlessness when the possibility that war may mean a regime change of the
Assad family from power. On the other hand Assad’s Syria may use this as an excuse in trying to retake the Golan Heights lost to Israel in 1967 after Syria (one of a few Arab nations) invaded the Land of Israel.


JRH 8/20/09


Anonymous said...

you jew bastards have a hell waiting for you. nobody gives a fuck about israel, stop eating american tax dollars like parasites and leave iran alone you lunatic. you guys are the true murderers who justify ya killings by calling innocent civilians and people terrorists.

Theway2k said...

Well we can see from Anonymous' cowardly post where he stands as a racist. I'd be surprised if he was an American (unless he is of the White Racist or Muslim American). I am willing to bet there are few innocent civilians in Gaza or Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank) as most are supportive or brainwashed to hate Jews and by extension Americans.

If anonymous is an Iranian or Twelver-Shi'ite his mind is filled with delusions of the Mahdi coming to spread Islam on earth. You know - Convert or die.

Anonymous said...

More care about Israel than Iran, that's a fact. Most true Americans do care about our only Ally in the Middle East.

John Houk said...

Amen Anonymous July 31 commenter.