Saturday, August 01, 2009


Move America Forward (MAF) is one of the premier pro-troop organizations in America. MAF is rightfully investing their efforts in preventing the closure of Gitmo. The obvious reason is the inmates of Gitmo are mostly transnational terrorists captured by American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Left has whined that the continued imprisonment of Gitmo detainee terrorists is becoming a violation of human rights, due process and a violation of the Geneva Accords as relating to Prisoners of War.

MAF and most sane Americans understand that Islamic terrorists are at war with America even if President Barack Hussein Obama and his Leftist cadres deny that war. Indeed many released Gitmo Islamic terrorist detainees have returned to their ways of killing American troops.

Here is a message from MAF presenting their case to Americans for funds to continue the educational fight against the Obama Administration and the Left.

JRH 8/1/09

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