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Not Trusting Barack Hussein Obama

John R. Houk
© August 15, 2009

Below is an essay that began as part of an ongoing dialogue between me and a Commenter that goes by Johnny-O on the Vox Social Network. Johnny-O initiated commenting on a photo of Orly Taitz. The photo was connected to a March 18, 2009 post. I think Johnny-O’s ire pertaining to the now discredited Kenya Birth Certificate. Ironically our dialogue evolved into something far different than Orly Taitz, Obama Legitimacy and the Birth Certificate post. If you wish to view the context of the evolving comments that led to this essay the link is HERE.

GW Bush's policy of a Two-State solution is not something I agreed with either. I felt that was also a sell out.

Bush's Israel/Palestine policy and Obama's Israel/Palestine policy are based on the foreign policy gurus that call themselves (or at least are called) "Realists". It stretches through the both the Republican and Democratic Party. The Realists believe that giving Israel absolute support no longer serves the National Interests of the USA. The Realists did not view Israel's democracy an asset as much as they viewed Israel's military an excellent counter-weight to Soviet influence among primarily American-hating Arab nations. As long as Israel was a superior military power, Soviet military donations and sales to Arab nations hostile to the West were in check.

The paradigm began to change when the Communist regime fell in the old USSR. More Arab nations began to seek American aid. Thus Israel's National Interests began to be seen in a different in comparison to America's National Interests stability in the Middle East. Hence both Democrat and Republican Realists began to view Israel as an emerging liability despite their Democracy. Fortunately there are still a huge amount of American voters that don't have the same view as the Realists; however the Left has actively been propagandizing the "need" for a Palestinian State to bring peace and stability to the Middle East. Jewish Americans (of which 75% - 80% [depending on the exit poll] voted Democrat in the last election) tend to be Leftists and are buying the Obama propaganda America will protect Israel from foreign attack.

The reality is the Realist Obama Administration is viewing a nuclear Iran as ok assuming the psycho-mullahs would not push buttons in a Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Cold War restraint foreign policy ideology. I don't believe that about Iran. I believe Iran will continue to arm the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah to use a sovereign Palestine as a launching base to further the designs of Jew-hating Muslims (Sunni and Shia) in the Middle East. If the USA indicates it wishes to make nice with Middle Eastern Muslim nations, it will encourage the decision for another attack on Israel as in the days of 1948 - 1973 when invading Arab nations sought the obliteration of Israel's existence.

As an example: Saddam Hussein who was receiving a lot of military support from America because of Iran's belligerence at one time felt he was receiving hidden messages of an OK for Iraq to invade Kuwait and annex the tiny oil Sheikdom into Iraq. Hussein’s thinking was that Kuwaiti oil production could make up the revenue depleted from the 8 yr war with Iran (in which the USA covertly supported Iraq). Saudi hysteria of a psycho-Saddam making military inroads nearly right on the Saudi Peninsula asked for an appeal to America to stop Saddam's adventurism. Who produces more oil? Iraq or Saudi Arabia? Hence Kuwait was saved and a message was sent to the Mullah's of Iran that America can get close to Iran.

So will an American government abandon Israel? Right now I would say no; however the Realist chipping does increase the potential of Israeli abandonment by the USA. It really depends on the Realist v 'Israel is a friend' debate with in the State Dept and the Defense Dept. Right now the Realists seem to be winning.

As to being afraid "to try" giving Obama a chance; I am an American and I hope he has success with undoing an economy that the politics of Dems and GOPs both screwed up. It wasn't all Bush as Obama implies.

As a good Conservative my concern is that America's free market system will become socialized (as in national State management). It might actually be a good temporary quick fix but history shows that State management eventually leads to economic stagnation. If Obama is successful in direct government involvement in major businesses he has to recognize there is time to replace State management with Free Markets that have better Regulations to avoid the same mistakes of allowing bad loans to occur to the degree it could affect the whole economy.

Frankly I do not trust that about the current President. His entire history is an association of Marxists, Black Liberation Socialists and anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian individuals (SA HERE) that believe in an absolute socialized system is America should be in which racial quotas out weigh merit.

I can't trust that.

Below is the Johnny-O comment that inspired this essay.

JRH 8/15/09
August 14, 2009

So, why then did no less a Great World Leader than George W Bush say he was all for a two-state solution for the Israel/Palestinian state question?

Thanx for catching my mispelling of Czechoslavakia, I think yoiu will agree that is a tough one!

And, how do you know what Obama wants to do, when he has never said what he plans to do with such matters? The Jewish councils and organizations in this country seem to think he's a fair man - and chatting up Arabs who are Muslims, even anti-Semetic ones, is NOT the same thing as selling out Israel.

The US is an ally to Israel for one reason and one reason only: They are the only democracy in a regional nest of kingdoms, religious theocracies, and military dictatorships who surround them as enemies. We will always be on Israel's side as long as they keep having free and fair elections (which is more than can be said about us in 2000, btw!), and nothing is gonna change that.

I wish you anti-Obamians would stop making up lies - 'cause that is what they are - for no good reason.

If you want to blame someone for Obama's election to the Presidency, blame W - he and his Neo-Cons and their Evangelical allies have not only all but destroyed the GOP, but made the American People (54% of us, anyway) so disaffected with them that we are willing to try anything or anyone - and make history in the process.

I told you before, genius - I don't know why this is so hard for you to understand - I am no 'Obamaphile' - and he is no 'Obamassiah' - if he lets us all down, his betrayal will be all the more despicable. Believe me, that will set you and me squarely on the same side. But I believe we should give him a chance, just like we did a true interloper, George W Bush.

Why are you afraid to try?


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