Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Savage Interviews Orly Taitz

Michael Savage interview Orly Taitz on his Radio broadcast yesterday on August 3. The portion I listened had plenty to say about President Barack Hussein Obama’s natural born citizen status but I did not hear anything about Taitz’s discovery of an Obama Kenyan birth certificate.

I am guessing Taitz is abandoning the birth certificate as authentic or at least backing away from it. I am certain if Taitz felt strongly about its authenticity show would make the focus of the interview about the birth certificate document more than the usual ‘natural born citizen’ as the theme of the interview.

Too bad, I was kind of wishing Taitz had enough faith in the document authenticity to put up a very public campaign focusing on President BHO’s penchant for being a prevaricator.

JRH 8/4/09

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