Saturday, August 22, 2009

Abbas Has a Conspiracy: Eliminate Hamas and Discredit Israel

Here is an interesting conspiracy theory reported by the DEBKAfile. Evidently Mahmoud Abbas has a plan to expel any kind of international legitimacy Hamas is enjoying by stacking the deck with a January 2010 election in which an Abbas supporting voter base will be enlarged for Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

DEBKAfile reports that Abbas believes that this will gain him 100% support to establish a Palestinian State beyond the National Security concerns of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. That means Obama will use the strong arm of America’s might to force Netanyahu to act favorably for a Palestine State.

By extension one could surmise Mahmoud Abbas’ anti-Israeli existence sentiment and the presumption that President Barack Hussein Obama will cripple Israel by forcing pre-1967 borders on the Jewish State is still part of Arab terrorist design.

Food for thought: The pre-1967 borders would force Israel to give up half of its Capital City Jerusalem. That is Islamic Supremacist hogwash!

JRH 8/22/09

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