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Taitz Finds the Birth Certificate Smoking Gun

I admire the Birthers. These are the folks that are determined to seek the information about President Barack Hussein Obama’s birth place to confirm whether or not he is an American citizen that is eligible for the Office of President he was elected to in November 2008.

There have been many individuals and Slanted Right organizations that have filed in court after court in State after State to force BHO to show his original long form Hawaiian birth certificate as opposed to the short form which Birthers believe does not verify with certainty BHO’s birth place. Apparently Hawaiian law allows people born outside of the USA who are children of at least one Hawaiian citizen can file some sort of paper that can list their birth as being in Hawaii. If this is indeed the case the Birthers believe BHO does not qualify for President.

Now leaving aside the Constitutional issues in which an American citizen born outside the 50 States can be considered a natural born American citizen, the Birther argument stands on BHO being born in Kenya as a British citizen as part of the colonial British Common Wealth of the day.

Hence one of the keys is not only the “where” but also the “when.”

President Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961. The Birthers believe this was in Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. BHO and the cadre of Leftists maintain the short form birth certificate validates the President was born in Honolulu, HI. (YouTube)

Orly Taitz seems to be the Supreme Leader of the Birthers these days. Taitz appears to be the Birther who has found the smoking gun birth certificate that places President Barack Hussein Obama’s birth in Kenya. She has this birth certificate in Court I understand to authenticate it.

The cadre Left have already began their surly lingo to discredit the authenticity of the Kenya birth certificate by pointing out BHO’s birth date is August 4, 1961 in the Republic of Kenya. The little item of information the Left has jumped on is the fact that Kenya became an Independent nation (The link of this particular Leftist moron – as of this post - has independence down as 1964) on December 12, 1963.

This is the typical twisting of truth to meet a Leftist expectation. Kenya’s formal Independence was actually transitional process between Britain and the future Republic of Kenya. That process stretched from 1960 to 1963. I am welling to bet many that during this transitional process many nationalistic public places (such as hospitals) were already writing Republic of Kenya rather than the British Colony of Kenya.

Here are some excerpts that prove the transition period:

In 1960, the principle of African independence was finally accepted, although the next three years were marked by intense political struggles and negotiations over Kenya's political future. It was during this period that political factionalism began to rear its ugly head that would haunt postcolonial Kenya. At the root of this factionalism, which became less ideological and more ethnic and regional, lay the conjuncture of approaching independence in a society suffering from acute uneven development. Uneven development in Kenya, as in other colonies, corresponded to, and was intersected by, regional, ethnic, and class factors. In spite of the emergency-in fact, because of it-the Central Province, populated mostly by the Kikuyu, had continued its relatively fast level of development.

Underlying the broader regional cleavages, there were local social, economic, and political divisions that provided the basis for local factional and leadership rivalries and future inter-ethnic and inter-regional political realignments. In fact, both KANU and KADU, formed following the Lancaster House Constitutional Conference in 1960, were basically loose coalitions with weak central party machinery, so that almost from the beginning they were given to internal political splits and realignments. The fact that these parties were formed in the midst of the transition to independence meant that there was not enough time to consolidate the party structures and therefore institutionalize the inter-party competition. Hence the relative ease with which KADU dissolved itself into KANU in November 1964.
(P.T. Zeleza)

And again here:

From the time of State of Emergency being lifted to independence in 1963, things moved quickly. The British Government, pushed along by Harold Macmillan's 'Wind of Change' speech, opened negotiations that had always been inevitable with the African leaders. A constitutional conference was held at Lancaster House in London in January and February 1960, that led to a transitional constitution legalizing political parties and giving Africans a comfortable majority on the Legislative Council. The Kenya African National Union (KANU) - the successor to the KAU - was subsequently inaugurated, adopting a firm stance on land resettlement in the highlands. M'boya and James Gichuru became the leaders of KANU because Kenyatta remained in detention. Other African politicians, who were wary of Kikuyu-Luo domination, favoured a more federalist government; to this end, they formed the Kenya African Democratic Union (KADU).

When Kenyatta was released in August 1961 (the same month the Berlin Wall went up), he formed an all-party government and accepted the KANU presidency. At the legislative elections in May 1963, KANU triumphed over KADU with 124 seats opposed to 83, and Kenyatta was elected prime minister. The country's first internal self-governing administration was formed on 1 June 1963 amid scenes of unparalleled joy, and Kenya was formally declared Independent on the 12th of December, 1963.
(Kikuyu – The Mau Mau Uprising and Independence: The Winds of Change 1960-63)

Hence it is not unrealistic that a hospital still under British Colonial rule during the transition issue birth certificates to Black babies born to Black Muslim fathers under the name of the Republic of Kenya which would become official in 1963.

WorldNetDaily has the original scoop on Taitz probably because they have been following and aiding the Birther claims for some time.

Associated Content provides an attempt of an unbiased report on Taitz’s discovery yet is obviously tainted with conspiracy theory bias.

Just for fun read Geoff Linsley’s short article from originating Oklahoma City. Linsley is obviously pro-Birther and writes the conspiracy angle using footnotes to prove his point. Linsley’s point appears to be the Birther issue is a Barack Hussein Obama and some big banker conspiracy illustrated by BHO’s beneficence in the bail-out to some of these bankers that donated heavily in his campaign run for the Presidency.

JRH 8/3/09 (Hat Tip: CNIN)


ddadmin said...

I never thought birth of Obama will become such a big discussion topic. I am following this closely to see where this conspiracy ends. Meanwhile I have collected some good articles and sites related to Barack Obama (more than 200 sites or articles). If you are interested take a look at the below link

Theway2k said...

I mistakenly entitled this post as "Ortiz ..." It should have been "Taitz ..." I have since made the correction. My only excuse is it was past my bedtime.


Theway2k said...

The "ddadmin" comment has a link to a Blogger page that has numerous links concerning President Barack Hussein Obama. If you are looking to enumerate the dirt on BHO, perhaps that is a good place to begin.

Shivon said...

This is soo stupid. There are really people out there still trying to figure out where our president landed? Are you serious? Like thats the biggest issue you can think of to pursue about him? Where was his mother spitting him out? Does it seriously take up this much time in peoples lives? By the way.... the version he has is shortened, because THATS HOW HAWAII PRINTS DUPLICATE BIRTH CERTIFICATES!!!!!! IN THAT STUPID GREEN SHORT FORM!!! I should know, since I had to request duplicates twice, since I lose everything..... and I found my original one finally, and it looks just like how theyr supposed to look as originals.... SO SHUT UP ALREADY!!! SO HE FRIGGIN LOST HIS ORIGINAL ONE AND THATS THE REPLACEMENT THEY SEND YOU! Now why dont you go waste more time licking paint off the walls.... its just as important!

Shivon said...

Oh and NO... Im not slanted... AT ALL..... I think however the thought strikes me... whichever direction that may be....... I just think if your going to try to get to the bottom of something.... it should be something that has a little bit more with what he did.... AFTER his voice deepened....

Theway2k said...

Hmm ... Shivon. If you are not slanted I wonder what center looks like?

Anyway the "smoking gun" has been proven a fake. Too bad!

I am convinced BHO was not born in Kenya. Shivon you have provided an interesting tidbit of info on acquiring a certified copy of a Hawaiian birth certificate.

This link supports your anger:

These links provide another side that demonstrates a long form birth certificate is available BUT only BHO can authorize its release:

So I have to still wonder why President Barack Hussein Obama fears ending a controversy and simply make his long form birth certificate available for public scrutiny.

Incidently BHO is hiding more than his birth certificate from the public. There is a huge amount of documents and transcripts stretching from Kindergarted to Law School that BHO has proscribed from public inspection. Why???

View the list of documents HERE.

Anonymous said...

I assume that you think this is valid from the way you wrote your post. Here is some photos of that certificate that prove it's false.

Theway2k said...

Actually anonymous, when I wrote the post I truly hoped that it was a smoking gun. The document was rather quickly seen as a forgery. Thus damaging the Birther movement terminally in my opinion.

The mystery why is Obama spending millions of bucks to prevent a public viewing of the long form birth certificate and the suppression of academic documents and papers.