Thursday, August 27, 2009

MSM & Muslim Disinformation may lead to Honor Killing

Have you heard of Rifqa Bary yet? If you have only heard of her from Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets you think seventeen year old Rifqa is an irresponsible runaway that may have been brainwashed (or even kidnapped) by a Christian Church in Florida.

If you take the time to listen and watch Rifqa in her own words I would hope you change your mind about what most of the dhimmified MSM media is reporting. Rifqa fears for her life for being a Muslim Apostate who converted to Christianity.

Rifqa’s father (Mohamed Bary) is waging a court battle to have Rifqa extradited Florida and returned to Ohio. Mohamed Bary has gone public to say he loves his daughter and would never harm her. He claims his daughter can be a Christian BUT she must study her own religion (meaning Islam/Mohammedanism) while she is under 18. Rifqa’s story and case are further damaged by the fact that the Columbus, Ohio police believe Mohamed Bary over daughter Rifqa.

The local Florida MSM in the guise of the Orlando Sentinel posted a pro-Mohammed and anti-Rifqa media judgment implying Rifqa is simply a disgruntled teenager who had a dispute about coming home late with mother (Aysha). Evidently the scolding tactic mother used was such personal behavior of irresponsibility will lead the family to move back to Sri Lanka. As far as writer Mike Thomas is concerned, end of story – send her back to Ohio.

Thomas ignores the growing reports of Muslim families considered to be good working middle class families yet go on an honor killing vendetta. The growing reports are in Europe and America. Thomas ignores this because he chalks the honor killings to the reports of anti-Muslims on extremist Muslims. Thomas this is ignorance gone to seed.

Mohamed Bary has also accused the Florida Church – Global Revolution Church – of being a cult Church who brainwashed his daughter over the Internet. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has been championing Rifqa’s cause and she proves Rifqa was a Christian at least two years before she sought refuge with the Global Revolution Church. Mohamed Bary’s “cult” accusation is Muslim hyperbole to rope in the Islamophiles in the MSM to work against Rifqa.

Check out the Global Revolution Church’s statement of vision and values:


To create a community that leads to the holiness of transformed lives which will ignite a spiritual revolution to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith:

We believe Jesus Christ is both God and man.

We believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins.

We believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, and sits on the right hand of God.

We believe Jesus Christ is coming back again.


1. We believe in a presence-based church where people genuinely and authentically encounter God.

2. We believe in the radical "Sermon on the Mount" lifestyle.

3. We believe in a spiritual revolution that will ignite the transformation of our culture.

4. We believe in leadership based on sound Biblical principles.

5. We believe in global preparation for the return of Jesus Christ, especially through 24/7 prayer and worship and through raising up end-time messengers.

6. We believe in building a spirit-led organization into true excellence.

7. We believe in building aBiblical family culture, nurturing parents and children alike, and ushering them into the presence of God.

8. We believe in building the body to be the bride of Christ - without spot, wrinkle or blemish.

9. We believe Israel is the prophetic key to the return of Jesus Christ.

10. We believe in signs and wonders that confirm that Jesus Christ is Lord.

This is the appearance of a typical Protestant Word of God based Church offering to share the Good News of Christ and to aid Christians on their path alongside God Almighty centered on Jesus Christ the Lord. The “Revolution” is the expectation of Christians to be doers of the Word of God and not merely bench sitting hearers. There is nothing screaming brainwashing cult.

With the amount of media attention that Rifqa has received (unfavorable or favorable) I doubt Mohamed Bary would honor kill his daughter in America. Chances are Mohamed Bary would fly his beloved daughter back to Sri Lanka to do the deed or have Sri Lankan family do the deed to cleanse the dishonor that Rifqa is perceived to have brought Islam through the Bary family.

So keep your eyes open to write a Congressman or keep the story alive until Rifqa is free from her Muslim family. Someone has put together a Rifqa Bary website that is supposed to function as a place to see updates and seek aid. I personally have not vetted the authenticity of the website but if you are interested it is

Pamela Geller has been a lioness for Rifqa Bary exposing the media lies and the potential duplicity of Mohamed Bary. The two posts I ran into are “Media Lies about Rifqa Bary” and “’Apostate’ Girl’s Father.”

JRH 8/27/09

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