Friday, August 14, 2009

The Islamic System is an Apartheid System

The Western Left and Mohammedans in general have gone to great lengths to equate Israel’s political system to the former racial Apartheid State of White South Africa.

South Africa’s Apartheid was a racial policy in which Whites by law were a superior race and non-whites (mostly indigenous Black Africans) were inferior second class citizens with little to zero civil rights. The Africans (as opposed to the Afrikaners) were the huge majority of the population whose lives were exploited for labor and segregated from the White-Afrikaner populations that enjoyed the primary perks that the Apartheid system provided them.

To accuse the Zionist State of Israel of Apartheid is simply moronic. Within the borders of Israel non-Jewish (Arab) citizens have full rights as citizens even though there is Jewish discrimination against Arab citizens. Arab citizens of Israel have full rights to vote, use mass transportation, and receive medical care and so forth. Arabs and Jews are not prohibited from the same public buildings such as restaurants or water fountains. The discrimination Arab-Israeli citizens’ experience has more to do with individuals not offering rent to Arabs (although a large element of Arabs do rent in predominantly Jewish areas). A loan may be turned down to an Arab-Israeli. Certainly racial profiling is involved by government police forces and the Israeli military in law enforcement and National Security.

It may sound deplorable but I find it understandable there is a large amount of distrust for Arab-Israeli citizens. Can you say, “Islamic terrorism?” Jewish businesses, men, women and children are often the target of Islamic terrorist homicidal attacks. There is the maiming of Jews and foreign tourists. Under the circumstances the state of civil siege Jews receive in Israel I am frankly surprised that Apartheid or repressive actions are not prevalent inside Israel.

The lands conquered as a result of the self-defense from Arab invasions should not be considered occupied as much as repayment for reparations for winning wars of Arab aggression. After all, the 1947 partition plan of the British Mandate of Palestine was to create a Jewish State and an Arab State side-by-side. Multiple Muslim supremacist and Arab nationalist nations could not stand to have Jews return to their homeland in which Muslims conquered in the 700’s AD hence their invasion. The land that was to be the Arab State was gobbled primarily by Jordan (then Transjordan). The Arabs of the former British Palestinian Mandate hence were treated as foreigners by the Hashemite Jordanian Kingdom (Bedouin governing elite) in the land that was designed for their existence in a sovereign nation. Eventually the Arab populace created to be Palestinians by the Arab invaders of 1948 - 67 became a threat to the Hashemite Kingdom and a brief civil war had the Bedouin army expel the PLO terrorist army of Yasser Arafat from Jordan.

Now there was an Apartheid system even before the word came into the existence in the 20th century. The Muslim system of conquest for the chunk of land called Palestine by Romans who evicted a majority of Jews (but not all), was convert to Islam, become an extremely taxed for protection second class citizen not having the same rights as a Muslim OR die.


Life has improved a little in the Muslim Middle East for non-Muslims (kafir), but not much. Most of that improvement is due to Western scrutiny or the symbiotic relationship of receiving Western wealth for oil.

Today’s Arab-Israeli citizenship is treated way better than ANY non-Muslim living in Muslim dominated land!

Steven Plaut wrote an essay about President Barack Hussein Obama’s little published hypocrisy about Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem. It is entitled, “Obama’s Apartheid Plan For Jerusalem.” That plan includes not allowing Jews to rent, own or build in the Old City part of Jerusalem (aka East Jerusalem). That is a prime indication that BHO intends to force Israel to divide Jerusalem giving the eastern part to the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

Obama intends to make the Jews who are living in their own Capital City either to move or become the second class citizen that Mohammedan ideology enforces on non-Muslims. In the case of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians imagine how that second class citizenship will pan out. KEEP IN MIND the Arab media continuously writes and broadcasts lies and hatred about Jews (There are many YouTube links that may have been yanked).

Do you see the irony that a son of an African Muslim who represents the full circle of rights for Afro-Americans in the USA who have a history of slavery in America is promoting class discrimination?

JRH 8/14/09

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