Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Pakistan Nuclear Threat

Pakistan is a problem for rational nations who wish to prevent the horror of a potential nuclear war. One or the big worries is the obvious sympathy for Islamic terrorists inherent within elements of the Pakistani government.

Pakistan has repeatedly assured the U.S. that their nuclear arsenal is secure from foreign attack. My concern is still the inter-government sympathy for radical Islamic terrorists could transform Pakistan’s government of today to a radical regime with a radical Islamic vision of reform-purification back to the example of the days Mohammed conquered, pillaged, enslaved (including sex-slaves) and exploited those who chose not to convert to Mohammed’s bloody Allah.

The Islamic terrorist reality has to be re-examined as a radical Islamic tool to threaten the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. Not widely reported is how close Islamic terrorists have come to infiltrating Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile of WMD’s and nuclear facilities as well.

The Times of India reports on just how close Islamic terrorists have come to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. If the attacks were more successful I speculate that a button pushing Muslim could manipulate an explosion or a launch not sanctioned by the (most of) Pakistani government. A nuclear war could commence and a missile not even pointing to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in which the majority population is Muslim. A strike into nuclear armed India (the hated enemy of all Pakistani Muslims) would certainly initiate retaliation regardless if a rogue launch occurred not initiated by the Pakistan government. With that in mind you can use your imagination of how a Pakistan/India conflict would ignite Muslim nations, Russia, China and no doubt the United States of America into global conflict.

Read the news article from The Times of India that reports Pakistan facilities have been attacked three times in the last two years.

JRH 8/11/09 (Hat Tip: FOX News)

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