Monday, August 17, 2009

NRO Infighting about Palin

There is absolutely no doubt that the American Left despises Sarah Palin near or on the same scale they hate former President G. W. Bush. The thing which is fascinating is that many Conservatives are critical of Governor Palin as well. I am not talking about disagreement in policy support rather I am talking about if it comes from the lips of Sarah Palin many Conservatives immediately jump on the annoyed pessimism train.

This seems to be the exact case of many pro-Palin blogosphere Conservatives giving credit to Sarah Palin for exposing the “death panel” concept in the Universal Obamacare national medical proposals.

Evidently the editors of National Review Online (which I read often) were critical of Palin’s exposé of the “death panel” plan within the Obamacare formula.

A post on Conservatives 4 Palin rebuts the NRO and even adds some critics of NRO too boot.

JRH 8/17/09

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