Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another View of Ted Kennedy’s Passing

A few days ago I posted some rather generous (for a Conservative) thoughts about Senator Ted Kennedy’s passing entitled, “Senator Kennedy: What if …? is the flagship blog which I post at mostly because my son owns the domain name and he created the site for his Dad – me. I post often at other social blogging networks including a Blogger blog which is a mirror to the flagship.

On some of the social networks I received some pretty harsh language of which some of those utilize very descriptive objections to my generosity. I have attempted to take a stand of not speaking wickedly of the dead even when he was an evil Leftist.

The epithets I read really did not change my mind on Senator Ted Kennedy. As a Christian I thought it better to find something nice to say in this life and that God Almighty would be the Judge in the next life.

I have to tell you though. I was pointed to the Human Life International (HLI) statement release on Senator Ted Kennedy’s passing. The statement was written by Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer who is also the organizations President. I actually know little about HLI except that is pro-life and very Roman Catholic.

Fr. Euteneuer actually delivers a very eloquent statement yet also a very harsh statement about the Senator’s passing.

The reasoning utilized by Fr. Euteneuer has me wondering why the heck my thoughts of Ted Kennedy were generous at all. Read the statement.

JRH 8/29/09 (Hat Tip: Jim: Eye of the Culture Wars)

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