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Wilders’ Popularity Worrying Dutch Leftists

In you have forgotten or haven’t heard; Geert Wilders was order to be prosecuted by the Netherlands judiciary for hate crimes. What is Wilders crime that is driving Muslims and Leftists crazy like a hornets nest? Wilders has taken a politically incorrect stand of pronouncing Mohammedanism (i.e. Islam) as one of the modern wicked ideologies to threaten the existence of the West’s centuries of development of democratic-republic institutions, Freedom and Liberty.

Of course in the West the various sides of the political poles view the interpretation of Freedom and Liberty differently; nonetheless they do stand by them.

Now here is the interesting thing that has developed since the late January 2009 order to prosecute Wilders. Wilders’ Freedom Party (or Party for Freedom-Dutch acronym: PVV) nearly became the largest political party in the Netherlands on June 5, 2009. That Dutch election was to distribute parliamentarians to the EU. The PVV came in second to the current Dutch Prime Minister’s Christian-Democrats (CDA) Party.

This was an extremely good showing for the PVV. So good in fact that Wilders has called for early national elections for the Netherlands. Dutch political polls show that Wilders is neck and neck with Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende.

Thomas Lifson writing for the American Thinker believes that if Dutch elections were held sooner rather than later that Wilders’ PVV would be the majority Party; hence Wilders would be asked to form a coalition government meaning he would be Prime Minister.

Think of that! The man deemed by European Leftists and hostile Mohammedans as a racist has rocked to such popularity, he may actually become the Netherlands’ next Prime Minister.

Since the Dutch judiciary has joined the Leftists in trying to diminish Wilders’ character, he has become one of the most popular politicians in the Netherlands. I am personally unaware of the Dutch status to prosecute Wilders stands at the moment; however I have found American Conservative and anti-Islamist websites have initiated a boycott Netherlands campaign. Here is one YouTube version.

If you believe there is a potential for Islam to transform American and European political institutions to intolerance while also limiting Freedom and Liberty you should get behind Geert Wilders.

Here is an excerpt from a CBN report published March 4, 2009:

But during Wilders' stay in America this week, which included a meeting with lawmakers at the U.S. Capitol, his screenings of Fitna have provoked only two things: discussion and debate.

"Will we leave our children, will we leave Europe's children, the values of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem?" Wilders asked an overflow crowd at the National Press Club in Washington Friday. "Or the values of Mecca, Gaza and Tehran?"

CBN News sat down with the Dutch parliamentarian before his appearance at the Press Club--where he called for an international First Amendment that would repeal all hate speech laws. Wilders says such laws stifle criticism of Islam.

"If you are an Imam or a radical Muslim you can say 'kill the Jews,' or 'wipe Israel off the face of the earth,'" Wilders said. "You can say the most terrible things, and if you say it, you will be protected by law. But if somebody stands up and says 'hey, that is wrong, we have to fight all the crazy remarks of these Islamists,' you will be brought to court."

Wilders says that's exactly what happened in his native Netherlands, where a Dutch court recently charged him with hate speech against Islam.

"I'm a fighter and I don't believe I'll end up behind bars. But it's not about me," he told CBN News. "The question is: will free speech be put behind bars?"

JRH 7/12/09

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