Saturday, July 04, 2009

Obamasiah is the Marxist Messiah

Remember when Barack Hussein Obama was campaigning and it became apparent that he was going to do more than merely challenge Hillary but also dethrone her as frontrunner?

In those days Conservatives began to focus on the roots of President Obama. The first thing that stood out was his very non-English name – Barack Hussein Obama.

The thinking was if it quacks like a duck it must be a duck; ergo if the name sounds like a Muslim he must be a Muslim. Conservatives went to great lengths to prove a Muslim heritage which led the wonderment of where BHO was actually born. When BHO categorically denied any affiliation to Islam for he went to a Christian Church for over twenty years in the Chicago area.

The fact of BHO’s attendance to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Church is actually irrefutable. That in it self opened a bunch of other questions which the Mainstream Media chose to not pursue for the voter’s knowledge.

I have determined that BHO is not a Muslim. Although his history I believe engenders sympathy for Muslim people. Couple that sympathy with his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitism and Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitism one can hypothesize BHO also has anti-Semitic leanings. Being an excellent politician BHO would understand to show anti-Semitism would be a death blow to his political future at this time.

One of several clues to Barack Hussein Obama’s ideology can be found in the Church he attended for about two decades. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago merged progressive Christian theology with Black Liberation Theology (BLT [SA Here). BLT ideology is derived from a Marxist bent that espouses a Black Supremacist out look on life. This means everything evil in this world is the result of the White man.

Democrats can’t stand being equated with Marxist/Communists. Communism left a bad taste in American’s mouth because of the old Leninist/Stalinist goal of ending Capitalist society to be replaced the Marxist paradigm of distributing the wealthy people’s ownership profits to the class of people described as the oppressed poor. It is a concept that sounds pretty cool to struggling poor people; however the Marxist paradise ideology fails to emphasize that Marxism entails a social transformation that terminates the freedom of religion, Individual freedom, the goal of individual ownership and a Supreme State to force the transformation on the poor to perpetuate the false hope of a Stateless society managed by an egalitarian proletariat. Marxist elitist would never admit this kind of benevolent anarchy is impossible to exist. The nature of humanity that is programmed to be godless will always act on its basest nature. A godless human nature is narcissistic and selfish; ergo a Stateless society would never be an egalitarian peaceful paradise. Whether Marxist elitists admit it or not, the illusion of the goal is merely a ploy for a repressive oligarchy to tell people how to think of which part of that thinking is the programming of absolute loyalty to the State as the oligarchy rules perpetuating the myth of an economic altruistic paradise of the proletariat.

The scary thing is Obama’s agenda has all the earmarks slowly transforming America into this Marxist concept of economic altruistic paradise.

To get a better understanding of my point read David Limbaugh’s essay entitled, “None Dare Call It Marxism.”

JRH 7/4/09


Col. B. Bunny said...

Good one. That Farrakhan link is is thru Wright but it's a damning connection, esp. since Mr. Obama's church magazine published news of the the church's award to Farrakhan. Utterly astonishing that Obama didn't sever his ties at the nearest mention of Farrakhan's name. Among many sins, Farrakhan has a connection to several of the Zebra killer defendants. Not up to expanding on this point just now.

Theway2k said...

Col. B. Bunny is the propietor of the blog Intergalactic Source of Truth.

He writes of another Farrakhan travesty of the involvement of the Nation of Islam involvement of the serial killers known as the "Zebra killer defendants."

I actually did not have a clue about this so I Googled "Farrakhan and Zebra Killers." I found a site that explains the Zebra killings were perpatrated by some Nation of Islam (NOI) elitists known as the Death Angels. The goal in life seems to be kill whitey so they could earn points to NOI paradise.

Farrahkan paid the Death Angels legal fees. READ HERE.