Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sarah's Departure Viewed From Alaska

Bill Adams writing for the American Thinker gives us an Alaskan view of Sarah Palin departing as Governor of Alaska. Adams touches on the Left Wing MSM’s horrendous mercilessly attacking Palin and family not on ideas but rather on her belief system. There actually are not that many ideas to attack for Palin was a success as administrator of the State of Alaska.

Then Adams touches on how Democrats in Alaska filed ludicrous after ludicrous ethics violations within the State Congress. Nearly of have ethics violations have been dismissed that have made it to an examination. The outcome of the Leftist strategy was to bury Sarah Palin in legal bills that became a distraction as the executive administrator of Alaska.

Adams moves on to touch on possible personal options for Palin. There is also a discussion of an actual impact Palin can have on the Conservative movement in America especially in light of the Obamasiah.

JRH 7/15/09

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