Monday, July 27, 2009

British Govt. Targets Savage’s Jewishness in Ban

I have to confess I am not a big fan of Michael Savage. His version of the Slanted Right appears to be a bit harsh. On the other hand he is battling CAIR so I do have a bit interest in Savage at the moment.

Recently Savage was on a list of undesirables forbidden to enter the United Kingdom. I haven’t followed up on the certainty of a WND report that the incoming Home Secretary was removing Savage from that list.

Now information has been dredged up that Michael Savage was placed on that ‘forbidden to enter’ list because he is Jewish by heritage. Evidently the British government in typical Leftist egalitarian fashion that most of Europe is noted for these days did not wish to appear to be singling out Muslims for that list. The word came down to place Jewish Savage on the list in an effort to bring balance to the amount of Muslims on the list.

I guess this is the logical step for a nation willing to abandon its Western heritage to accommodate an immigrant Muslim culture by allowing Sharia Law to trump British law when it comes to intra-Muslim affairs in Britain. Couple this Muslim accommodation with rising European (including Britain) anti-Semitism, I guess the next logical step is to ban an American Jew as if that will placate the indigenous immigrant Muslim population.

Now that is a load of British manure.

JRH 7/27/09 (Hat Tip: CNIN)

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