Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Appears Ready to Jettison Israel

It is becoming very evident that President Hussein Obama’s “real agenda” toward Israel is to force the Jewish Israeli government to give up land that is sacred and acquired by the sweat and blood of its citizens in repulsing invading Arab armies.

BHO is attempting to force Israel to acquiesce to an existential threat in the creation of an Arab State to be known as Palestine.

In BHO’s effort to accomplish his designs he is using the oratorical skills of lying rhetoric to entice Americans as a whole and American Jews in particular to buy into the absurd Two-State Solution for sovereign Israel and a group of Arab created refugees who have NO historical heritage to the land they wish to make a nation.

So far Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government has repulsed the BHO demands concerning Israel; however I am unsure if a little slice of democracy in the Middle East will be able to resist Obama if he begins to squeeze Israel’s economy and Israel’s defense that are backed up by America. (Note backed up but not dependent as a lot of despotic or fragile governments might be.)

Anne Bayefsky writes that Jewish Israeli citizens are coalescing into a majority support for Netanyahu’s resistance to the Obama Agenda.

The irony is that American Jews seem to have a majority favoring the creation of a sovereign Palestine. BHO is attempting to manipulate public support by giving the impression that American Jews are 100% behind the Obama Agenda for Israel. The reality is BHO is asking only American Jews that are extremely favorable to the Obama Agenda and excluding American Jews from voicing concerns about Obama’s agenda being an existential threat to Israel.

JRH 7/20/09 (Hat Tip: ICJS Research)

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