Friday, July 03, 2009

Missing Our Moment in Iran

Victor Davis Hanson analyzes President Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy. Basically Hanson senses that BHO is sending a wrong message to allies and enemies alike.

BHO’s lack of forthright condemnation of Mullah repression had all kinds of consequences. It may have emboldened the Mullahs to execute extreme prejudice on its own citizens. The lack of initial condemnation certainly will irritate and possibly extinguish continued backbone to Iranian protestors. Since no early condemnation proceeded, BHO failed to bank on serious real sanctions that might have been used against Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons.

Hanson goes on to excoriate BHO over inconsistencies with Israel’s Netanyahu, Afghanistan’s Karzai, Honduras’ expulsion of a Marxist President and so on.

Read Hanson’s essay:

JHR 7/3/09

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