Friday, July 17, 2009

Secret Support Gaining for Israel Attack Against Iran

John R. Houk
© July 17, 2009

I suspect Iran’s recent voting crisis coupled with a government crackdown on protesters reminiscent of former Shah Reza Pahlavi’s brutal repression has given Western nations and Arab nations another perspective on confronting Iran’s nuclear program. Even amidst Iranian government denials, it is obvious the Iranian nuclear program is functioning way beyond peaceful energy. The nuke program is in reality an armed nuclear proliferation program.

One indication of this new global perspective is the recent movement of Israeli naval vessels through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. Yes the very Suez Canal managed by Arab-Islamic Egypt.

There is talk that Arab nations are willing to look the other way if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear capabilities with a deal in mind. Apparently that deal is Israel becoming more amenable to the creation of a Palestinian State even in the face of Islamic terrorism which includes the belief that Israel should be destroyed.

If you have read any of my writing on the so-called Two-State Solution, you are aware my stand is radical to the politically correct industry. There is no historical basis for the creation of a Palestinian State for that provision in 1947 was to be invested in Transjordan which is today’s Jordan. If any expansion occurred by the Jewish State past the formation of its modern incarnation, that expansion was the result of winning wars of self-defense in the face of overwhelming odds. As far as I am concerned this does not mean an occupation, it means land as payment for the war debt of invading Arab armies.

But I passionately digress.

If this behind the geopolitical door deal ever goes beyond rumor, I think Israel should flow with it. Here is why: If Israel has Arab support for a controversial attack that has the potential of starting a Middle Eastern war that even may conflate to a global war, then the usual European Leftist animosity toward Israel will have to be reassessed.

Iran international black mail will have less affect limiting the Mullah-State to gamble that Russia and China will support Iranian military reprisals. The threat of American retribution via forces in Iraq and Afghanistan would not need an invasion force. Massive air and missile strikes to respond to an Iranian counter-attack could ruin the economy of an isolated Iran (U.N. valueless sanctions may gain some actual value).

Then there is the deal: Israel actively working to establish a sovereign Palestinian State. The reason I don’t have a problem with such a deal is my belief that the ruling elite of the Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are geopolitical morons in managing an actual sovereign nation. The Arab terrorists managing Hamastan (Gaza strip) and the West Bank have displayed an inability to manage the existing infrastructure without graft, murder and engaging Israel as a national State.

A sovereign Palestine would be responsible for its actions. Shooting missiles into Israel would be an act of war from one sovereign State to another. A sovereign Palestinian State could not hide behind Islamic terrorists fighting to end occupation. Regardless of the multiple Palestinian charters that imply a Palestine map encompassing land that nullifies the existence of Israel, the nation of Israel is a recognized State and a member of the United Nations.

Israel would be forced by an act of war to protect itself. The resolution would be to attack Palestine. I would hope that would mean the end of a Palestinian State. The reality is that the first act of defense would probably be a harsh message to the corrupt government of Palestine. That would be something like messing up a viable military infrastructure and/or totally cutting off economic support the world will expect Israel to donate as its part to create a Palestinian State.

The sovereign Palestinian State would face the choice of becoming the typical repressive Muslim regime dealing politically with Israel or continue to stick by their terrorist charters to challenge Israel. History shows that continued attacks could lead to the possession of more land that legitimately belongs to Israel anyway.

With these thoughts in mind I believe there is no better than the present to do the Arab Middle East and the West a huge favor; i.e. do as much damage to the Iranian nuclear program as possible.

JRH 7/17/09

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