Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marginalizing Sarah Palin

Say the name ‘Sarah Palin.’ The very name evokes images that are wildly supportive to extreme castigation.

Those that are supportive are admirers of her charisma and stand for moral values.

Those that castigate Palin either propagate the lie that Palin is an unintelligent moron or are listeners to that lie. The primary sources of that lie politically are Leftists and the Mainstream Media (MSM) who undoubtedly fears Palin will have an influence in Conservative politics. The Leftist fear - if unwittingly prophetic - is probably based on an individual that can capture the minds and hearts of voters which President Reagan did in the ‘80’s. Thus the fear is another Conservative revolution that would reverse the socio-economic horrid transformation that President Barack Hussein Obama has began to implement.

So I love finding a credible writer that
points out these deficient lies are indeed fabrications to propagandize mainstream America. That person I found is Bill O’Reilly.

JRH 7/21/09

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