Monday, July 27, 2009

Professor Gates held fundraiser for Obama

Wow! I just discovered the reason President Barack Hussein Obama reacted with such vehemence when Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested for not corroborating with an Officer verifying his identity after a burglary report in the neighborhood.

Can you imagine! Professor Gates became bent out of shape when an officer who happened to be White asked for identification to confirm Professor Gates was the resident and not a burglar. The reason for Gates’ ire: Professor Gates is an Afro-American and he was not about to racially profiled by a White Police Officer attempting to do his duty.

Dear God in Heaven dude! Just show your ID and call it a night.

Anyway, I believe President BHO became upset not only because of a personal friendship and Gates being a Contributor to past and present political campaigns; BHO is also an ideological fellow traveler with Marxist supporter of radical black ideas Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

JRH 7/27/09 (Hat Tip: ConservativeNewsMedia)

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