Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Plus and Minus of Shadow Government

John R. Houk
© July 29, 2009

I just read a short blog post by Doug Powers on Michelle Malkin’s blog. Powers points to the hypocrisy of Leftists because President Barack Hussein Obama is continuing the Bush Administration’s shadow government plans allegedly developed under the supervision of Vice President Cheney.

Bloggers writing about a ‘shadow government’ would usually entail the old fashioned conspiracy theory as the actual government is submerged to the actual power elites of a nation. In America’s case it would be a de facto suspension or tossing the Constitution of the USA.

The reality is that every Western nation that has a modicum of political or military power probably has some sort of back-up plan in the case a modern crisis disable’s the operating government. I would have to guess some kind of contingency plan would have developed at least since the Cold War.

In these days of nuclear arsenals, disruptions could happen at the push of a button. In the 21st century a government disruption may be even more sudden. Regardless of how a Leftist government tries to wrap today’s reality, this planet is experiencing a Global War of Terror. This means resourceful terrorists that are well funded on a transnational basis is very capable of exploiting the openness of a Western democratic republic or constitutional monarchy. The exploitation may manifest in a dirty bomb, a suitcase nuke, chemical weapon, biological terror and/or some sort of infrastructure attack (computers, power plants, water supply, EMP or such).

America after 911 provided a situation in the effective government to more openly admit the existence of a government contingency plan that centralizes power to meet a crisis, i.e. a shadow government.

The existence of President Bush’s executive order to establish a shadow government thus came under scrutiny by both Leftists intent on whining about the conservative nature of the Bush Administration and the Slanted Right concerned about the Constitutional nullification issues that arise with such a ‘no checks and balances’ centralized government.

Now check it out! The prince of American Leftists in America is not only continuing President Bush’s Shadow government plan, but appears to be strengthening the role of the military as the arbiter of that shadow government.

Frankly the American Left and the American Right should both be raising red flags (oops the Left has already done that) or caution flags. The termination of the U.S. Constitution would affect both the altruism of Leftist ideology and the slanted Right sanctity of strict constructionist constitutionalism. The give and take that has brought balance to America for so many years prior to judicial activism would definitely tilt to the evil of corrupting power on either side of the spectrum.

And yet the dilemma is some sort of order or a path to return to order has to be in effect to confront the designs of foreign or transnational threats to the American people.

It appears there are two threats to the constitutional American way of life: well funded transnational terrorism and a necessary rapid response to confront the actions of rogue governments or transnational terrorists.

The real American hero will be an Abraham Lincolnesque person with a just intent for the American future.

The American traitor will be the Benedict Arnoldesque person willing to sell out the American way of life for personal gain or ideological elitism (Left or Right).

The former will use extra-constitutional means in order to return constitutional rule of law. The later will use the crisis to terminate the U.S. Constitution to implement an ideological centralized government eliminating the ‘checks and balances’ the Founding Fathers developed to lesson a tyranny of the government.

Abraham Lincoln skirted many constitutional restraints in order to preserve the Union of the United States of America. Lincoln and/or the relatively young Republican Party could have tossed the U.S. Constitution to force a different kind of America to evolve. If Lincoln’s leadership lost the Civil War the American States no doubt would have fractured into banana republics similar to the turmoil Latin America has experienced after slowly gaining independence from the Spanish empire.

A successful terrorist attack straining the infrastructure of America will no doubt place an individual calling the shots in a shadow government with the same dilemmas President Lincoln faced in a less complicated time. Will that person be a leader of honor in the mold of Washington and Lincoln or an ideologue wishing to transform America into a political vision of either the Left or the Right?

The Roman Republic transfer to the Roman Empire is a rough parallel that comes to mind.

JRH 7/29/09

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