Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Muslim Extremist Kills Young Army Soldier on American Soil!

Move America Forward (MAF) is one of the premier pro-troop organizations in America. Instead criticizing soldiers for protecting America in their overseas mission they are supportive.

Peace movements are fine and even a legitimate view; however when a peace organization because so virulently anti-war that American troops are vilified it is unacceptable.

Organizations like Code Pink who attempt to use humiliation tactics to prevent military recruiting or to portray the American military as evil are the true evil.

I am on MAF’s mailing list. As such I receive information about MAF’s outreach to support American troops. Now I realize that much of the MAF email pertains to fundraising. I often post the content of the MAF email because it has information that may not be reported in the Mainstream Media.

One such case is the email I received today. MAF reports that an American that has converted to Mohammedanism went on an Islamofascist murdering spree in Arkansas. The traitorous American’s name is Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. The American-Muslim shot up an Arkansas military recruiting center in Little Rock, AR. Muhammad murdered to Privates in the process before he was taken down. After Muhammad’s capture it was discovered he much more ammunition which only indicates he was intent on murdering more Americans.

As a courtesy to MAF I am also including the information about the Troopathon that is coming up June 15.

JRH 6/2/09
Muslim Extremist Kills Young Army Soldier on American Soil!

Move America Forward
Email Sent: Tue 6/2/2009 3:18 AM

When Will President Obama Realize Muslim Terrorists are Out to Kill Us?

Today in Little Rock, AR, a Muslim extremist shot up a recruiting center with an assault rifle from his black SUV. He killed 23-year-old Private William Long and injured Private Quinton Ezeagwula, both of the US Army. The suspect, Muslim convert Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, is in custody and police say he likely had “political and religious motives.”

At Move America Forward, we’ve been sounding the alarm about violence against our recruiters and their offices since our days in the streets of Berkeley, CA taking on the Code Pink whackos. While Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is worried about extremists protesting at tea parties, nobody bothered to investigate the Islamic extremist killer in this case who was recently in Yemen.

While Barack Obama keeps trying to protect the rights of Muslim terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and even free some of them in the United States, Americans are being killed right here in the United States, not to mention being under constant attack in Iraq and Afghanistan. What will it take to wake him up to the real threat faced by Americans?

We have to keep our voices loud and strong to wake up so many Americans that are taken in by the calm speeches while he continues to undermine American security and our efforts to defeat Islamic terrorism.

And contribute here to help us keep fighting

When fine young men like Private William Long are gunned down in America’s heartland for choosing to serve their country, we are reminded of how high the stakes really are. It’s imperative that the pro-troop message be heard far and wide.

The killer said that he wanted to kill as many Army personnel as possible. According to the police, he had over 200 rounds of ammunition still on him when he was apprehended.

We have to keep the pressure on Congress to stop any funding for closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing the terrorists to the United States. Move America Forward has a TV commercial ready to go on the air and stir Americans to act now before it is too late and we have terrorists right here in this country.

Keep Gitmo Open Campaign Needs Your Help

You can watch the ad here on You Tube.

Care Package for the Troops Telethon Scheduled for June 25th

While we are shocked and saddened today by the shooting in Little Rock, we are busy in the office working on the Troopathon to send care packages to our troops. Every day brings more good news of conservative leaders and celebrities signing on to be part of our eight hour telecast on June 25th at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

We want to break the record we set last year – over $1.5 million – so every single military man and woman in Iraq and Afghanistan hears from an American with a personal message and a care package of goodies.

Please sponsor a package today toward this historic Troopathon effort.

With the Troopathon just a few weeks away, we have an opportunity to reach a critical mass and make our gigantic shipment the top story for our service members. Too often, the news they hear from back home is like today’s, but with our big name guests, our beefed up shipping operation, and our grassroots network (that’s YOU), we’re all set to break through the negative news cycle and make a big splash!

If we’re going to break last year’s record, it’s going to take a lot of reaching out and we’re planning a major blitz, but we still need your help. To work, the effort has to snowball, with each wave of orders feeding into a larger one. Please help get us jumpstarted today so the snowball can be big enough by June 25th that it sends an overwhelming message to our troops overseas.


Please be as generous as you can today and help us start off with a bang and get rolling fast. Then tell your friends and family and get your community involved in this exciting nationwide campaign. And finally tune in to UStream.TV on June 25th for the pro-troop event of the year. You won’t want to miss it.

Let’s leave the naysayers in the dust and make history in the next 30 days. Please join us today in showing our troops how much they’re loved by American here at home and how much we’re pulling for them while they keep us safe. Our troops more than deserve it. For all the latest please check in regularly at http://www.troopathon.org/ and check our twitter feed.


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Anonymous said...

I think what we have here is just a nut. He is an ex-convict who converted to Muslim. However, I have to think he got the idea from somewhere other than the Koran. But I could be wrong. People have been killing because have something they have read in the bible for centuries. It is such a shame to see any religion become such a breeding ground for hate and extremism. But I guess nothing leaves this world un corrupted. The longer it is here the worse it gets.

Theway2k said...

Actually Anonymous, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad was following the tenets of the Quran to defend Islam from the kafir. Those who committed atrocities in the name of Christianity have done so contrary to the Word of God known as the Bible.

Recent news has indicated that Muhammad's plan was even more nefarious than first believed. There have been leaks that Muhammad has been linked to organized Islamic terrorism on American soil.