Monday, June 01, 2009

BHO and Honesty

If you read at SlantRight you would be very aware that I was not a voter for President Barack Hussein Obama.

There were so many things I found disheartening about the 2008 Presidential election. First of all I found myself supporting a Republican candidate I felt was way to flawed to represent me as one of his constituents.

I still believe that Senator McCain is an honorable and honest man; however some of his ideas as represented in McCain/Feingold and immigration were repugnant to me.

On the other side the Democratic Party nominee and eventual winner was BHO. The thing is there was like zero that represented honesty with President Obama. The only way he could have beat the chains that linked him to something disreputable were pooh-poohed by the Mainstream Media. And everyone that tried to pull those chain links to discover where they led had their reputations sullied by the usual Leftist technique of painting a picture of Right Wing extremism. The voters believed the portrait even though there were so many alternatives that should have been better explained other than a simple “I didn’t do it” or “I was too young” or “When I went to Church, I never heard that” or “That is above my pay grade” or “I put the only Birth Certificate that matters on the Internet” and/or on and on and on.

I feel that voters were so duped by a mesmerizing personality in public speaking that they were willing to believe anything that Obamasiah had said. The majority of American voters bought into this messianic image of change as if the change meant ending political corruption and bringing an era of pre-911 utopia.

Neither the end of political corruption nor a pre-911 utopia has even come close. The Obama Administration may use Orwell-speak to deceive the American voter that the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is over, but it is not. The Obama Administration may have attained the Presidency on the pedestal of political change, but BHO is being tainted with a chain link to political collusion with so-called non-profit status ACORN. Non-profit status means no political endorsements or activity on behalf of a political candidate (as many the separation of Church/State morons gleefully point out in shutting down Christian free speech).

As a parting shot of the dishonesty of President Barack Hussein Obama I encourage you to read about the chain link connection to ACORN as reported by Michelle Malkin.

JRH 6/1/09

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