Saturday, June 06, 2009

Obama's Arabian dreams

Caroline Glick critiques President Barack Hussein Obama’s Cairo Speech. Her theme is that BHO is portrays Israel in an evil light and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians as the moral equivalent of America’s Black slavery past.

As you read Glick keep this in the back of your mind. She points out that BHO Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel worked closely to discredit Prime Minister Netanyahu’s first stint as the Prime Minister of Israel while he was an advisor to President Clinton. She senses that Emmanuel is already at work to undermine Netanyahu by working Likud enemies in the Kadima Party and with Leftist American Jews. This implies using the Left propaganda machine to implant into Americans and Israelis that the “peace at all costs” mindset is the only way peace will come to the Middle East. This mindset of course is counter to Judeo-Christianity theologically and will politically quite possibly lead to the destruction of Israel.

JRH 6/6/09

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