Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Immorality of Homosexuality

Homosexuality is the perversion that the Left and alternate lifestyle advocates are trying to convince mainstream America is part of normal everyday life. In other words displaying sexual acts of perversion in public is normal as opposed to Christian morality that decries any sex act in public – homosexual or heterosexual.

In the homosexual agenda to normalize perverted sex, homosexuals have taken to the streets to perform lewd sex acts in public. If a heterosexual was caught doing such acts in public they would be jailed.

The homosexual agenda has eroded what the word “normal” is. In twisting the word “normal” decent morals in America have been eroded to make way for perverted alternate lifestyles. Thus the Left and alternate lifestyle advocates have been doing their best to proclaim that Christian ethics and morality are a chain and ball from archaic history. There is a total denial of a Creator or if there is an alternate lifestyle belief in a Creator (e.g. Christian homosexuals or Conservative homosexuals), the Creator’s Word is distorted or revised to fit the alternate lifestyle.

There is a grotesque annual parade that hits many of the major cities of America called the Folsom St. Fair Parade. These fairs and/or parades are a display of homosexual perversion in public that if legal statutes were enforced they would be illegal with jailing occurring. The name is derived from the original homosexual parade/fair in San Francisco (where else?).

I am not going into how many cities or which ones participate in this perversion and to allow occur; however an Internet friend has been keeping me update of the Folsom St. spin off in New York City. I have to admit that I have been hesitant to write on this because acts that occur in these are so horrifyingly perverted. My Internet friend (we will call him Solid Snake) has provided pictures and video that I have not been able to watch all the way through due to the disgusting nature of this street fair/parade. Amazingly, Solid Snake has pointed me toward a “mature” Youtube” posting that must have passed the censor’s mustard. If you can eschew the horrifying displays by homosexuals at this parade you can view an example of the recent New York City version of Folsom Street (oops I was going to say HERE, but I just discovered the censor caught up with Solid Snake – photo from that video courtesy of AFTAH. Well here is one more parenthetical update. Snake Dog has placed another YouTube video. If you need to see the evidence homosexual perversity, watch it. If you take my word for it, avoid watching it.).

This should be a big deal all across America. My New York City friend has been following this because the Democrats in the State of New York have been trying to validate same-sex marriage via legislation in that State. So the New York authorities have been looking the other way as these perversions occur. Imagine what will happen at these Folsom Street events in New York if same-sex marriage overtly becomes legal.

Now I have focused on New York because of where I have been getting my most recent information; however this kind of perversity occurs in nearly all kinds of homosexual parades of entertainment and activism in America. Horrifyingly it is even filtering down to America’s youth because of the erosion of morality in the nation.

One example is a gay pride “youth parade”
in which teenagers simulate homosexual acts as they march down the street promoting hedonistic repulsive homosexuality. I am certain those parades are not as graphic as the Folsom Street variety, but to see near children in simulation of homosexual acts is alarming as well as disgusting.

Friends it is time to rise up against the money of homosexuals and the Secular Humanist Left. If you are a Christian, do (at least) two things. Pray in the name of Jesus for the morality of the United States of America. Then become active or support the organizations (political or citizen driven) that withstand the Homosexual Agenda and the Secular Humanist Agenda.

JRH 6/25/09 (See Also: World Net Daily. Hat Tip: Snake Dog)

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