Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Basij Mutiny?

Gary H. Johnson, Jr. has an interesting take on the voting riots taking place in Iran. Since Johnson is remarkably versed in the knowledge of Islam, it would be well worth diplomats to pay attentions to his assessment.

Basically Johnson sees the unrest in Iran as a reaction of third generation of radicalized Shi’ites whose fathers and grandfathers were heroic martyrs of the Iraq-Iran war of the Eighties. Couple the radical indoctrination of a devotion to Shi’ite Islam and unemployment may be the undergirding of why Mousavi has become a symbol of change.

In my opinion that “change” is not a change of Khomeini revolutionary ideas, rather it is a change of radical Shi’ites sensing an abandonment of privilege that should be available to the descendants of the heroes of the past.

Read Johnson’s essay to discover your own take.

JRH 6/23/09

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