Friday, June 19, 2009

The Threat to National Security is more than GWOT

If you look at President Barack Hussein Obama’s key goal in foreign policy strategy it appears to be an appeasement doctrine. A doctrine that is self-effacing that denigrates America’s influence pertaining to global affairs. Thus BHO has been travelling the globe apologizing for America as if the USA was an evil empire.

The Obama Administration is in denial (not a river close to Cairo) about the existence of a Global War on Terror (GWOT). To give substance to the denial the Administration has labeled the GWOT as an overseas contingency.

BHO does not understand that Islam is at war with their vision of the great Satan, i.e. the United States of America. This lack of comprehension should shoot curiosity into American voters about what else pertaining to National Security that President BHO may foolishly ignore or hope that blanket American apologies will placate any other nation or terrorist NGO’s national interest (i.e. self-promoting goal counter to the welfare of America).

With that curiosity you should read Peter Brooks’ essay on the growing designs of rogue nations and rising powers are a threat to America’s National Security.

JRH 6/19/09

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