Monday, June 15, 2009

Political Islam is Dangerous to the West

David Bukay has an article in the Summer 2009 edition of the Middle East Quarterly.

Bukay takes an intellectual stroll with the end game being Islam is totally incompatible with Western Society. Then Bukay turns up the burner by demonstrating that Islam is in no way compatible with the Western concept of Democracy.

Bukay even pits the differences between Islam (so-called moderate) and Islamism. Bukay points out that Islam is becoming the uniting force at least among Middle Eastern Muslims to the extent that the very old concept of Pan-Arabism is nearly a dead ideology.

Muslims are finding there heroes among the Islamists that promote an international Caliphate for Islam. The Caliphate ideal is a concept that stretches beyond the Arab Middle East. Thus Islamism is gaining footholds in place like Turkey founded after the ashes of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI. Ataturk purposely founded a Turkish secular government abolish the vestiges of the Caliphate that existed in the defunct Ottoman Empire.

The largest Muslim nation in the world is Indonesia. The pan-Islam ideology is awakening Indonesians who Asian rather than Arab to bump against the secular regime in Indonesia.

Bukay further notes that nations where old fashioned despots are the leadership predominantly only do so because the military backs the despot. He sites Saudi Arabia and Egypt to name a few which would have succumb to Islamism long ago if it were not for the power of military might.

Something you should think about after reading Bukay’s analysis. It has been said that the percentage of Islamists in the world represents 10% of global Islam. Let’s say that as of 2009 there are 2.4 BILLION Muslims globally. Ten percent would be 240 MILLION Islamists world wide.

Now that 240 MILLION is a huge chunk of people. Now imagine this: according to my interpretation of Dr. Bukay’s article; that would mean there 2.16 BILLION Muslims who predominantly look up to the agenda to activist Islamists.

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JRH 6/15/09

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