Thursday, September 03, 2009

Rambling Disgust with European Anti-Semitism

John R. Houk
© September 3, 2009

European history is rampant with anti-Semitism stretching from the farthest reaches of the West to the farthest reaches of the East. Misguided Christians were taught to hate Jews for being Christ-killers. Even though Jesus descended from mother Mary (as son of man) has a Jewish pedigree and the nature of the Early Christian Church has its direct roots in practicing Jews who believe Jesus the Son of God is the Messiah promised by Moses.

Amazingly secular Europe that is less Christian and more humanistic is re-visiting anti-Semitism again. What has causes this new hatred toward Jews? Is it the old Christian prejudice based on “Christ-killers” or the extreme myth of sacrificing Christian babies for their blood?

NOPE! Most indigenous Europeans have forsaken the practice and influence of Christianity in favor of the moral relativity of Secular Humanism.

One does not need a statistician or a scientific survey to make an educated guess for the existence of European anti-Semitism. The migration of large chunks of Muslims to European nations has both re-instilled hatred for Jews and to view any Israeli act of self-preservation as an act of aggression against oppressed Arabs who want to be called Palestinians.

Europeans and the Middle East even extrapolate myths from actual occurrences in other geographical areas. The classic case for that is the FBI bust that caught public officials and Orthodox Rabbis in corruption in New Jersey and New York. A significant amount of the culprits were of a Jewish ancestry whether observant or not. All the crimes were related to public corruption and money laundering to gain an illicit buck. The part that stands out to anti-Semites is that one of the Jewish culprits was part of an organ harvesting ring - Levy Izhak Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum is the only one of the 44 arrested in which his involvement was money for organ harvesting. After a quick perusal of the list of 44 I could pick out roughly 16 that appear to have a Jewish heritage by name association (mind you it’s just a guess). This would mean over half of those arrested were of the typical ethnic melting pot of America.

This brings us back to reemerging European anti-Semitism. The largest circulated daily newspaper in Sweden is known as Aftonbladet. Freelancer Donald Boström wrote a scathing notorious blood libel that the Rosenbaum organ harvest crime is an example of why the IDF needs to be investigated for harvesting organs from unwilling Palestinians. The blood libel of harvesting Palestinian organs is like one of the propaganda lies perpetuated by Arab-Islamic terrorist organizations.

Match this blood libel with the fact that Sweden has between 400,000 and 500,000 Muslims out of a population of roughly nine million Swedes with a huge anti-Semitic bias.

The website Honest Reporting details the total lack of proper journalistic investigation by Donald Boström. Both Boström and Aftonbladet editors have admitted there is NO verification of the anti-Semitic story. Even so Aftonbladet has backtracked a little by claiming the story falls under editorial freedom of the press. The problem is the original Aftonbladet story was not on an editorial page. It was written as factual reporting.

Yossi Klein Halevi places European anti-Semitism in stark terms. His article “Incite to Murder” is a must read.

JRH 9/3/09

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