Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is America Repeating the old British Plan?

Israpundit provides a historical perspective of the founding of the modern State of Israel. I believe it is doubtful you have read this perspective in Leftist influenced text books in High School or the collegiate level. The text book perspective is probably loaded with accusations of Jewish atrocities as the Zionist State of Israel emerged.

I am certain there are acts of violence perpetrated by the independent Jewish militias that eventually merged into the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The fight for independence and Israel’s desire for a sovereign State for Jews to live in which the government’s policy does not even have a hint of anti-Semitism undoubtedly led to some bad decisions. One has to wonder: How did the Jewish desire for a Jewish State for Jews differ from the Islamic hatred spread in propaganda by Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini calling for the extermination of Jews in the British Palestine Mandate. Jewish militias only began to utilize violence when it became obvious the Brits were determined to leave the Palestine Mandate. The Brit determination to leave was matched by the desire for the British Empire to have good standing with Middle Eastern Muslims. The Arab violence began as a result of al-Husseini Jew-hatred and the belief the Brits and America would befriend Arab nations to counter Soviet expansionist dreams at the end of WWII.

Anyway … further your Israeli historical education which Israpundit insinuates is the American plan for the Middle East – at the expense of Jews.

JRH 9/27/09

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