Sunday, September 27, 2009

450 Child Brides in Hamastan

Here is a story in which I am clueless about its actual age for I have seen it on two different blogs. I do know it happened. AND I do know it is something that Western readers, especially American readers need to comprehend about Islam.

The story is about Hamas the Islamic terrorist organization hosting multiple marriages of child brides (AND I DO MEAN CHILD!) to young adult Muslim men.

Ah, you say, that is merely a Middle Eastern cultural thing in which that society does not find such reprobate deeds reprehensible.

Come on friends, Leftists and Muslim apologists: the movement of Muslim organizations and Mosques in the West (even America) are funded by Wahhabist Saudi wealth or the Muslim Brotherhood directly or indirectly. Hello Westerners – These guys wish to institute Sharia Law according to the most conservative Muslims religious schools of thought. That means the Muslims in the West demanding Sharia Law zones in the West would be sanctioning Muslim child marriages.

Think of that as read this essay entitled, “HAMAS PLAYS HOST TO PEDOPHILIA.” We are talking 450 child brides age 10 or younger to 450 Muslim grooms.

JRH 9/27/09 (Hat Tip: The Conservative Monster)


Anonymous said..., these are not child brides. they are the young nieces and cousins of the grooms, simply playing at weddings in the absence of the brides-to-be (none of whom were under 16). see Tim Marshall's report at

He was actually there.

This is all just a hoax.

Theway2k said...

My dear Anonymous,

Iindeed found the original story to be inaccurate. On the other hand I posted a response about the innaccuracy at entitled, "OOPS … ‘450 Bride’ Story Inaccurate, BUT Not Off Base".

Kristi-Lee said...

I dont know whether this is real or not, but no where in our Quran does it say to marry children. And any so-called Muslim who does this is disgusting. The only reason y they do it is 1)it's apart of SOME peoples culture, they could be a Christian and still marry a child and 2) because they follow books written by man made 200 years after Muhammed died. They attribute stories (which are conflicting) about him marrying a 6 year old girl, and allowing men to marry children.

So no, not all Muslims believe this, and to correct you, yes it is a cultural thing to SOME

Theway2k said...

Actually Kristi-Lee the child bride thing turned out to be anti-Islamic propaganda. The gals were the equivalent to brides' maids walking with grooms or something like that without going to the specific info. You can look at the link in the comment above Kristi-Lee's comment for the exact occurrence.

However, the Quran does show child brides. The perfect man Mohammed married 6 year old Aisha and the marriage was consummated when she was 9 years old. AND Aisha turned out to be the favorite bride among many wives and sex-slave concubines. Read the Quran to verify.

Anonymous said...

hehehe ,, you made me laugh ,, you see a picture and start writing about it without KNOWLEDGE ,,it seems that you are such an enemy !

its from our traditions that young girls (groom's sisters or cousins to nieces to take him to his bride who will be waiting for him with her father ans family ) i've done that many times when i was a child , and was really happy because that made me wearing like a bride ,,, !!!

and listen start caring with your country's problems and leave us alone !!!

Theway2k said...

To the last Anonymous;

Yes if you have read all the comments you will have realized the story was desiminated as anti-propaganda. In earlier comments I sent a link to a post entitled, "OOPS … ‘450 Bride’ Story Inaccurate, BUT Not Off Base".

I am not an enemy of Muslims, but I am an enemy of Islam. It is a cruel religion.