Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is American Leftist Jews a Threat to Israeli Existence?

American Jews tend to support Israel’s continued existence. Ironically a significant amount of American Jews are also hooked up to the President Barack Hussein Obama contention to force Israel into the so-called Two-State Solution which is the creation of an Arab State called Palestine within Israel’s Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and the Gaza cesspool under Hamas hegemony.

The explanation for this American Jewish support for a Two-State Solution appears to lay in the Jewish political spectrum in America. This is to say that American Jews are overwhelmingly Leftist Democrats.

Norman Podhoretz senses that American Jews think Leftist politics before they think Jewish religion. Indeed over 70% of American Jews voted for President Barack Hussein Obama. American Jews still widely support the existence of Israel; however being good Leftists they are duped into the thought that a Palestinian State will bring peace to the Middle Eastern region.

Evidently Leftists do not believe the various Palestinian terrorist charters calling for the eradication of Israel to make room for an all encompassing Muslim-Palestinian State is not a serious threat. OR possibly Leftists just simple will look the other way as Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims rise up yet again to join a newly formed Palestinian State in driving the Jews into the sea. OR possibly Leftists who support Israel’s existence believe the USA would not let an Arab invasion get that far.

The first two thoughts are delusional thinking. The last thought is based on a history of the U.S. supporting Israel at least since 1967. Unfortunately many Democrats and a significant amount of Arabiphiles among Republicans believe supporting Israel at all costs is unrealistic and no longer in America’s National Interest. Hence self-imposed politics may deter a Democratic Party Presidential Administration to provide aid to Israel in such an invasion with a weak public denunciation to cover a Democratic Party’s politically correct butt.

As you can surmise, I believe a Two-State Solution for the creation of a sovereign Palestinian State is a formula for an Arab invasion of Israel.

Read Podhoretz’s thoughts on why America’s Left Wing Jews are prepared to unwittingly throw Israel under the Muslim bus.

JRH 9/12/09

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