Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ahmadinejad says - Step Back – Concerning Nukes

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has vocally declared that any negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program are off the table.

This begs the question: What is President Barack Hussein Obama’s next step concerning a nuclear Iran? Will the President proceed with tough sanctions even if Russia and China veto a Security Council mandated global sanctions? This is to say the President then would be willing to lead the West and Israel in sanctions apart from the United Nations.

Will the President okay a proxy to take the heat for a military adventure against Iranian nuclear facilities? This is to say BHO would look the other way as Israel makes an attempt to destroy or slow down (depending on the degree of success) the Iranian nuclear capabilities.

An Israeli attack could open a whole
slew of new inevitable conflict issues pertaining to American National Security and National Interests. Also I suspect Israel has a preemptive strategy designed against Hezbollah of Lebanon in the case that the IDF moves forward with an Iranian attack.

Also radical Muslim rogue nations tend think irrationally compared to Western geopolitics. A Western nation would be compelled to think of retribution against its attacker and whine about any aid or lack of restraint the attacking nation’s big brother might offer. Psycho-Shi’ite Mullahs will think more about some sort of blood libel revenge and potentially launch an attack of some sort on American troops in Iraq or give aid and comfort to the Taliban-al Qaeda duo of evil along the AfPak corridor.

Certainly Iran would unleash Hezbollah and encourage Hamas to attack Israel. This is where I believe Israel will do something preemptively. If Israel provokes an excuse to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon, look for that to obfuscate attention toward an Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Then there is also the
Hezbollah threat to activate sleeper Shi’ite terrorist cells on the American homeland as a revenge act for allowing a military strike against Iranian nukes.

OR the Prince of Appeasement and Political Correctness and friend to anti-Semites might just say, “Shucks, those Iranians are going to develop a nuclear arsenal. America risks more immediate danger than the potential of a safer world without Iranian nukes in the future. I will just do nothing and let my Presidential descendants deal with the future threat of nuclear conflagration A Twelver Shi’ite is sure to do to hasten the Hidden Imam’s return to Islamize the world.”

JRH 9/8/09 (Hat Tip: A New Dark Age is Dawning)

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