Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Bends to the Will of Russia at Eastern Europe’s Expense

President Barack Hussein Obama abandons Eastern Europe’s Missile Defense Shield thus abandoning Eastern Europe.

The American public probably does not know or understand how much the Polish and Czech governments went out on a limb to sell the Missile Defense Shield (MDS) to their constituents. Sure the official reason was to protect Europe from Iranian ICBMs which could be potentially nuclear armed, but the former Russian East European hegemon has not been hesitant to use military muscle with former Communist members of the old Soviet Empire (can you say, "Georgia?").

The MDS provided a little comfort for future Russian aggression against European nations. President Barack Hussein Obama has in effect sold out Eastern Europe protection from Russian aggression as well as Iranian ICBMs.

It is like when America looked the other way at the end of WWII as the old Soviets spread Communist repression on Eastern Europe. I am sure the Czechs remember how America failed to support democracy when the old Czechoslovakia rebelled against Soviet hegemony with the Prague Spring.

JRH 9/18/09 (Hat Tip: The Conservative Underground)

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