Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Cold War and Post Cold War Russia and America

The Bush Administration sealed a deal to build a missile defense shield by utilizing ballistic missiles in Poland and detection radar in the Czech Republic. Russia has not been pleased sensing a threat to Russian National Security and National Interests. The Bush Administration maintained it was being built to counter Iran’s increasing capability with its own ballistic missile program. The Iranian intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) program could easily include nuke WMD so only the idiot geopoliticians believe Iran’s story of a nuclear program for peaceful nuclear energy.

Then the great appeaser Barack Hussein Obama became President in January 2009. BHO is willing to scrap the deal if Russia quits supplying nuclear technology to the psycho-Mullahs of Iran. Russia is using Iran as a counter-weight to the Missile Defense Shield also known as the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) for America’s perceived intrusion into Russia’s sphere of influence.

I am on the
Stratfor free email list. I received an interesting article analyzing U.S. perceptions and Russian perceptions from the perspective of the Cold War and Post-Cold War era. Included in the analysis is the BMD system deal to begin construction in Poland and the Czech Republic.

This is some great geopolitical reading. I am going to provide the entire of the analysis below. I usually link to such sites for credit’s sake; however a lot of the information of Stratfor is by subscription. I am kind of a cheapskate so I continue with the free stuff. I will use the link in my email browser if you wish to verify the article.
Be sure to read the analysis.

JRH 9/1/09

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