Friday, October 02, 2009

You Call This 'Respect'?

If you are a normal American that believes the moral relativity of the Left (e.g. the Obama Administration: Gay Rights supporter but pro-DOMA), Secular Humanism and the Homosexual Agenda (including NAMBLA) will change the social structure of America then you need to call your Senator or Congressman pronto!

The (so-called) Respect of Marriage Act of 2009 will be coming to a vote in the House soon. This bill is typical Leftist obfuscation of words that has zero respect for marriage. HR 3567’s sole purpose is to undo the Defense of Marriage Act which is a Federalist concept of not forcing a State to accept same-sex laws of another State that by legislation (rare) or State judicial fiat (common) has allowed homosexuals to degenerate marriage by allowing homosexuals all the laws and privileges that follow matrimony.

The Respect of Marriage Act is Federalist in nature in that the central government is imposing its will on all people of all States in the Union. This is the kind of Federalism which is antithetic to the concept of Federalism as designed by the Founding Fathers. This is the kind of Federalism that is government despotism. The Constitution was designed to allow issues affecting a particular State’s citizens to be resolved by State sovereignty.

Kerry Jacoby writing in the American Thinker provides the eloquent precise reasons for calling your Senator or Congressman.

JRH 10/2/09 (Hat Tip: Tsumura’s Corner)

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