Friday, September 18, 2009

Warner: The Fruit of Islam

Have you heard of the Islamic Golden Age? The phrase implies an age of dynamic growth of intelligence and technology. Indeed the Muslim to this day considers Islamic civilization to be the best that ever has existed on planet earth. Why? Islamic civilization is derived from Islam and Islam exists from the direct mouth of Allah as recorded in the Quran.

Let us see just how superior Islamic civilization is. Think of the continuing growth of Western Civilization and compare the so-called perfect Islamic civilization that has grown from the so-called Golden Age.

Bill Warner provides some statistics and thoughts to solidify your mental comparison.

JRH 9/18/09


Anonymous said...

We'd still be riding donkeys because Mohammed (PBUH) did.

Theway2k said...

It is quite unfortunate Mo did not ride a donkey in humility. Instead Mo became the example of a horse riding, sword wielding, murdering rapist and pedophile to bring grief to the 21st Century.