Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interview with M.A. Khan

Here is an insightful interview conducted by Bill Warner of Political Islam with M.A. Khan of Islam Watch. As Bill Warner points out in his introduction, Khan is the author of an excellent book (which I have read) entitled, “Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery”.

The theme M.A. Khan presents in the interview is to provide Mohammedans with the truth of Islam’s (Mohamedanism’s) history and legacy to shame Mohammedans out of Islam.

Brought up in the conversation is the difficulty of reaching this goal because of the extreme indoctrination Mohammedans receive in their environment coupled with the sad fact that the Hanafi-Salafist-Wahhabi-Ikhwan form of Mohammedanism is well financed. That financing includes offsetting truth with propaganda lies that truth tellers are Islamophobic haters.

The hater theme in the predominantly Mohammedan Middle East has resulted in the banning of such website as
Jihad Watch, Islam Watch, Political Islam, Faith Freedom International, and The Religion of Peace and so on. Even some Western nations have blocked these websites because the big money involved in radical Islam has convinced Western governments to ban such truth telling websites.

M.A. Khan believes only a drastic change from somewhere will
enable the truth to overcome the well financed lies perpetrated as truth.

JRH 7/22/09

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