Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Ex-husband was a Good Muslim

John R. Houk
© June 10, 2009

My cousin Mary was not pleased with this YouTube video I posted at my Facebook profile page.

Here is Mary’s rebuke:

Not all muslims are bad, I married one! He had gone to Bible College when I first met him. He mixes Judaism with Christianity and Islam. Ishmael (?) was Abraham's son.

Mary I understand the reason you may defend Muslims because of your past matrimony with a Muslim and having two wonderful children with him.

Just to be clear I am fully aware that all Muslims are not evil. Indeed statistics report that 90% of Muslims consider them self as moderate and that the Islam practiced by Islamic terrorists place a bad name on Islam. However it must be kept in mind that the 90% who consider them self as a moderate also believe in the infallibility of Mohammed, his Quran and the near infallibility of the Hadith, Sunna, Sira and the developed Sharia Law.

It is the 10% of radical Muslims who actually follow this infallibility ideology to a tee. So in effect according to the Muslim holy writings the so-called radical Muslims are actually the good Muslims. The 90% that knowingly or unknowingly pick and choose the part of Islam that is not violent would not be considered good Muslims according to their own holy writings.

Because of this one rarely hears about a Moderate Muslim from the 90% being critical amongst their brethren about the 10% who are following the Theo-political tenets of Islam to the tee.

Now there is a good reason for this kind of self-justification among Muslims. The goal of Islam as set forth by Mohammed was to subjugate all humanity to Islam whether humanity appreciates Islam, Allah and Mohammed or not. So there is set of dualistic ethics that pertains to Muslims and other ethics that pertain to kafir (or house of war – aka dar al-harb).

Bill Warner says it best at his website Political Islam.

    The dualistic ethical system of the Islamic Trilogy prepares the foundation of jihad with one set of ethics for Muslims and another set of ethics for the kafirs. So, there are two ways to deal with the kafirs. One is to think of them as inferiors but act in a kindly way. The other is jihad.

    The following hadith summarizes all the key elements of jihad. (Notice that only the fourth item, the Day of Resurrection, is purely religious in nature). It tells us that the whole world must submit to Islam; kafirs are the enemy simply by not being Muslims. To achieve this dominance, Islam may use terror and violence. It may use psychological warfare, fear, and theft. It may take the spoils of war from kafirs. Violence and terror are made sacred by the Koran. Peace comes only with submission to Islam.

    Bukhari 1,7,331 Mohammed: "I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me:

    Allah made me victorious by awe, by His frightening my enemies for a distance of one month's journey.

    The earth has been made for me and for my followers a place for praying and a place to perform rituals; therefore, anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due.

    The spoils of war has been made lawful for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me.

    I have been given the right of intercession on the Day of Resurrection.

    Every prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind."

    The story of the Trilogy culminates in the dominance of political Islam. The Trilogy teaches that Islam is the perfect political system and is destined to rule the entire world. The governments and constitutions of the world must all submit to political Islam. If the political systems of the kafirs do not submit, then force, jihad, may be used. All jihad is defensive, since refusing to submit to Islam is an offense against Allah. All Muslims must support the political action of jihad. This may take several forms-fighting, proselytizing or contributing money.

    The Trilogy lays out the complete strategy, tactics, and vision of political Islam and jihad. Much of the Trilogy is about how Mohammed dealt with those people who disagreed with him. Violent political action with a religious motivation was taken against kafirs. Under Islam, their only political freedom was to submit. This legal inferiority is sacred, eternal and universal.

    Duality of ethics was the basis for Mohammed's greatest single innovation-jihad. Jihad is dual ethics with sacred violence. The key religious element of the dual ethics is that Allah sanctifies violence for complete domination. The kafirs must submit to Islam.

    In Mecca, Mohammed demonstrated the initial practice of jihad when Islam was weak: persuasion and conversion. When he moved to Medina, he demonstrated how jihad worked when Islam was strong: using immigration against inhabitants, creating political power by struggling against the host, dominating other religions, using violence, sowing division among the tribes, and establishing a government.

    Jihad is civilizational war for two reasons. First, jihad uses every aspect of civilization as an element of war. Violence, education, fear, psychology, sociology, sex, population, immigration, public relations, corruption and religion are all used in jihad. Military force and terror are the smallest aspects of jihad. The second reason that jihad is civilizational war is that the purpose of jihad is to annihilate every aspect of the non-Islamic civilization. Art, history, law, dress, manners, names, education, customs, government, foreign policy, economics, and every other detail must become Islamic.

    Islam has been waging civilizational war for centuries. Before the Muslims arrived, Egypt and North Africa and the southern coast of the Mediterranean were Christian. There was a Buddhist monastery in Alexandria Egypt. Turkey was Buddhist and Christian. Persia-now Iran-was Zoroastrian. The Hindu culture covered an area of the world twice as large as it is now. Languages disappeared to be replace (sic) by Arabic.

    Mohammed encouraged the rape of female captives after battles. This is reported in the Sira and Hadith and approved in the Koran. In jihad it is not considered rape to have forced sex with a woman as long as she is a kafir captive or slave. This is true even if she is married. In the Muslim world, the act is only rape when committed against a Muslim. Again, the dual ethics of Islam prevail.

    Bukhari 3,34,431 One of the captives was a beautiful Jewess, Safiya. Dihya had her first, but she was given to Mohammed next.

    4:24 Also forbidden to you are married women unless they are your slaves or captives.

    Rape was one of Mohammed's tactics of conquest because it worked. Forced sex with women whose protectors had been killed was considered supreme domination. It was also a humiliation to the women's male relatives and husbands who had not been killed. If a woman is captured, raped and absorbed into the captor's environment, her helplessness renders her totally compliant and her submission is complete. To protect her children from slavery, many widows and rape victims readily agreed to conversion and their children were raised as Muslims.

    Forced sex is far more than rape in political Islam. It is a method of war, a tactical strike which is not a crime because it is jihad. It is not a sin. It is practiced against the kafir and is sanctioned in the Trilogy of the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith. (Excerpts from Bill Warner)

Thus it is my position that all Muslims may not be evil, but the potential to be evil is in their holy writings and the example of their prophet.

Bill Warner has a series of essays that exposes Islam as not a cool religion for humanity. The series is called, “An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam.”

As to Ismael being a son of Abraham. That is absolutely true; however the Muslim version is absolutely false!

The Muslims call Ishmael the preferred son because he was the oldest. Yet the Old Testament (the true Word of God written before Mohammed was born) clearly shows that Abraham was to have a child of promise through his wife Sarah. Ishmael is the son of Abraham and the slave girl Egyptian Hagar.

The child of promise was Isaac the son of Abraham and Sarah. It is from this bloodline that leads up to the incarnated birth of Jesus the Christ the Son of God and the son of Mary.

The New Testament portrays Ishmael as the son of the bondwoman Hagar. Isaac is portrayed as the son of the free woman Sarah. The promises of God flow the son of the free woman – Sarah – culminating in the Savior of the world Jesus. Salvation is by faith rather than by the sword. Deviated from Christianity is handled at the Last Judgment and not by execution in this life.


Anonymous said...

i was a christian and now im a muslim im very proud to be one i came to realise islam is the true religion and most christians want just to turnish islam.everything you say about prophet muhammad peace of Allah be upon him is a lie.islam is beautiful and i wudn't trade it for any other beforu you critisize.

Theway2k said...

Anonymous I suspect you did not read the suras in this post. If you had you would understand there is little sublime about Mohammedanism.

I will pray for the error in your judgment and that the Blood of Jesus Christ the Son of washes your mind so that you find the Truth.

Mariam said...

Theway2k the you made people look at those hadiths and suras was totally opposite in islam even holding the wrist of unrelated woman for a man i like a screw drive through your forhead it is forbidden to even hold the hands of unrelated women forced sex or rape in totally out of question.
and the other thing is if mohammad (PBUH) was not a prophet then why did jesus (PBUH) said there would be a spirit of truth after me?.. who was that sprirt of truth nobody after mohammad (PBUH) came.. they way you are representating islam is like you are forcing people to see that islam is wrong by giving your own story to it. i am a muslim woman and i feel very proud to be a part of that community which gace eaual rights to us and even Allah says in Quran that heaven is under the feet of mothers... Has any other reliegon given this much honour to a woman???.... certainly not ..
so if you want to know what Allah and mohammed (PBUH) really say first look at all aspects why they say it then you will understand.. otherwise i can only pray for some Real knowledge about islam for you.

Theway2k said...

Mariam I understand that you may be upset at my portrayal of Mohammed because you have been brainwashed that he is the perfect man. He was not! Your own Quran and history demonstrate that. The duplicity of Islamic Abrogation and dualistic theology is the self-deluded justification of Mohammed's actions.

Mariam, my original response exceeded the 4,096 character limit for commenting; hence to read the full respone I had to turn it into a Post. The post is entitled, "Response to Muslim Apologist Mariam."

Anonymous said...

"The goal of Islam as set forth by Mohammed was to subjugate all humanity to Islam whether humanity appreciates Islam, Allah and Mohammed or not."

If you ever read the hadiths, you will find that Muhammad P.B.U.H. did not appreciate "forceful conversion" of religions.

Infact, Islam does give full permission of religious practices of Non-Muslims.

Theway2k said...

In fact anonymous Mecca Quran and the commentary Hadith of the Quran stipulate there is no compulsion in religion. However, the Medina portions of the Quran and the commentary Hadith of the Medina version abrogates the Meccan Quran. The Medina portions stipulate kill them wherever you find them.

As far as "full permission" for non-Muslims to practice their faith is very deceptive. People of the book (Christians and Jews) could practice their faith as long as there was no perceived insult to Islam, Mohammed or Allah. No open worship. No new Church or Synagogue building. No repairs to current Churches and Synagogues with the special largess of the Muslim ruler (which was rare). The people of the Book had to pay a jizya tax for so-called protection. Protection from what? Full permission implies no need of protection! Not only was the Jizya tax paid but it was required to collect it in the most humiliating way possible to make the life of the people of the Book miserable so that they would convert to Islam.

Polythiests had it worse. Polytheists were the victims of murder, slavery or conversion.Indeed the slaughter of Hindus was probably one of the largest instances of genocide in world history. The slaughter was at the hands of Muslims spreading Islam in India.

The facts demonstrate your comments anonymous are the standard practice of Islamic taqiyya which is the art of deception in Islam.

Mrs. Humna Nadeem said...

First of all my ignorant brother please remove this photo given at the top....This photo is the most insulting photo I have ever seen on any web blog etc....

Brother I can post as many as you can never imagine that will show what i want you to see..about Christianity or Judaism


In Islam the religion of PEACE, It is strictly prohibited to criticize other religions.

We Muslims believe that Almighty Allah (GOD)is one and only one and no one is like HIM or can be his son or daughter etc. because HE is the creator and not the parent of any human being...

and HE has sent 1,24,000 prophets out of which Hazrat Essa (Jesus) and Hazrat Muhammad are two outstanding prophets that were given a book and Hazrat Muhammad enjoys the most significant position among all those 124000 prophets because he was sent at the last as the "Full Stop" and "Guide" for rest of the nations to come during & after his period...

Please Brother, try to find similarities between these two great religions in fact versions of GOd's commandments similarly as you find common points / sides in a puzzle to complete it successfully.

No body knows when the buzzer will be pressed and time will be over...and you may loose at the end because you wasted time to pull the parts of puzzle instead of solving this.

meghani said...

Theway2k, can u show me ne link from ne of the muslims blog who has post ne such shits abt ne of the religious figure or leader that you hv post in at the top of ur article? arent u an extremist by hurting others only to satisfy ur so-called religious commitments? i dunt knw much abt christinity but wht u hv showed in your post is revealing your concepts!

Theway2k said...

Meghani I am going to assume you are the part of Islam that is the 90% of Muslims called moderate. I will give you a mulligan on the profanity. Surely Islam does not advocate the use of profanity any more than Christianity. Shamefully some who call themselves Christians also engage in profanity - that is wrong.

In any case Meghani, simply read your Quran, Hadith and Sira as well as any Islamic commentaries to the present that supports a purist Islam. This is when your eyes will be opened to the violent nature of Islam.

Islam actually calls for physical retribution to those who insult the religion Islam, its god Allah or its prophet Mohammed. This not the case in Christianity. Although Christians through the ages have exacted retribution and violence against offenders of the Christian faith, this is absolutely contrary to Christian Scriptures. Judgment is reserved for God Almighty in the Last Judgment. The only violence condoned in the present is in the national defense and by the authorities a Christian is under. Christians are not to take personal action such as honor killing, honor vengance or vigilantism. I realize this is an element of this in dualistic Islam; however abrogated Surahs that call for individual violence does exist.

meghani said...

May I know your source of information about Islam, Allah and Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)? I want to study your sources.. only then either I may justify you or correct you towrds right sources!

Theway2k said...

That is a fair question Meghani. My sources are the Quran, Hadith and Sira. I have also read parts of the "Reliance of the Traveller".

Meghani said...

Do you arabic? No... which of the translations of Quran are under study? the name of books and writers from where you are taking information about Hadith and Sherya?

Theway2k said...

Meghani I use reliable English translations. Please don't give me the load of manure that Islam can only be read in Arabic. That is bolognie.

I could you a litany of sources but this one has most of everything you need to read at your finger tips: Crusader's Armory.

Certainly this site is not designed as an Islam friendly place. That works for me because there is less likely to point to suras of peace that are abrogated by surahs justifying murder and rape.

Anonymous said...

We dont abuse or make any bad paintings or any such for you...... you better dont do.....

On the Day..... you will be caught....

Theway2k said...

Anonymous, that sounded like threat. The picture is a depiction of Mohammed as viewed by those who have been victimized by this so-called perfect man as he forced Jews and Christians to become Muslims against their will.

Anonymous said...

May Allah forgive you, indeed if you know really who is Muhammad, you will regret speaking bad about him.
I really wish that Allah guide you to the right way.
before you attack Islam, advised to read the Holy Quraan, and don't look at peoples judgments, but your heart.

John Houk said...

Anonymous may God forgive you for denying Christ Jesus is the Son of the Living God and the Redeemer of humankind who believe in the Risen Savior Jesus Christ. Father open the mind of the dear Muslim to show him/her their mind has been deceived a centuries old demonized man known as Mohammed/Muhammad/whatever.

I ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior.

Anonymous said...

What is terrorism .. Destruction and mayhem ?
So what is all this America causes ?
Just because they were suits does not mean they are not terrorists
Over 300 people died in 9 11
Do u know how many people and civilians died in Iraq by bombings from America ?
Over 2000

John Houk said...

Anonymous your statistics are TOTALLY BOGUS! They were so bogus I answered you in a post at SlantRight 2.0:

cnd70 said...


John Houk said...

I am not concerned with offending "ALOT" of Muslims. Islam offends me as a Christian.