Monday, February 23, 2009

Intro to Warner Critique of Sharia Law

There is NO doubt as to where Bill Warner stands relating to what adherents call Islam (I usually prefer the politically incorrect ‘Mohammedan’).

Warner of views Islam in a black and white mode. Either a Muslim follows that which is deemed perfect (e.g. Quran and Sharia Law) or he is not a good Muslim.

I’m a little less harsh. Judaism is roughly divided into Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed. Reformed is really Judaism light.

Christianity even has more strains, yet the strains of thought are basically Conservative (some call Fundamentalist or Biblical), Conservative yet more into Christian tradition than Biblical authority and the various divisions of progressive Christians (which actually seek a secular humanist spirituality that runs counter too much of the Bible).

So my reasoning is certainly a reform movement is possible for Mohammedanism. A good place to see a reform of Islam beginning is at the website
Muslims Against Sharia. Bill Warner would call such Mohammedans “hypocrites.” Warner’s thinking is that if a Mohammedan does not follow that which is called perfect (as in an incorruptible divine sense) cannot be reformed but only practiced.

But hey, if a Mohammedan movement brings Islam out of the medieval history into a 21st century mindset that violence is not justified as a continuation of
da’wa (Christians would call this evangelism) by means of violent jihad.

I am with Warner in his criticism of Mohammedans who indeed call the Quran and Sharia Law perfect and out of the same mouth say they are moderate peaceful Muslims. If I was a sci/fi robot I would have to say, “That does not compute.”

Now I say all this to get you ready for a critique of Sharia Law by Bill Warner. It is a harsh critique that is true for all Muslims that believe in the perfection of their considered holy writings.
Read it!

JRH 2/23/09

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