Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Geert Wilders – Defender of Western Culture

Europe has picked on the rare devout Christian within the borders of the European Union; however it is few that have the name recognition of Geert Wilders.

If you are a typical Leftie you have probably bought the line that Wilders is a fringe Right Winger that is a bigot. Actually I know little of Wilders’ politics (except he definitely is not a Leftie) or his faith or if he is a practioners of anything theologically Christian. For all I know Wilders may buy into the Secular Humanist values system (which I guess would tarnish his Right Wing standing).

The one thing that Wilders does stand for is the protection of the Western Cultural paradigm that has coalesced over the centuries from Judaism, Christianity, Greek Thought, Roman Thought, Renaissance Thought, and Enlightenment Thought and so on leading to a society of civil rights that is a little constrained in Europe but nearly wide open in America.

I used the word “protection.” The political spectrum from Left to Right should be asking, “Protection from what?”

I am yelling from the rafters of Liberty telling you, “Western Culture needs proactive protection from Islam which is trying to assimilate the West rather than be assimilated by the various nations of the West!”

Admittedly in Europe the faith of Christianity has become an afterthought as a practicing religion of most Europeans. Western evolvement in Europe has been the egalitarian form of Liberty in which every human is entitled to free speech, thought, religion (if so chosen) and ideology as long as said Liberty does not offend or incite violence against individuals or groups of ideologues or people of religion. Being an America I find that sort of Liberty is diluted Liberty when considerations of incitement is above the act of violence. Diluted Liberty is saying the populace cannot be trusted to peacefully write or give a speech to contradict another’s outlook. Diluted Liberty is saying the populace will indulge in uncivilized acts of rage and carnage. Diluted Liberty is saying the government will prevent real freedom of speech because it fears to enforce civilized protections from an uncivilized raging populace.

This diluted Liberty is the very thing that European and International Muslim/Mohammedan organizations are using to shut Wilders’ mouth. For If Wilders’ mouth is not shut, the evidence that
Islam/Mohammedanism is a violent religion according to their own writings would enlighten people to the contradiction that is Islam. AND if the West discovers this collectively it will be understood that Islam is doing the inciting against Western Culture whether it be secularist or Christian or Judaic or any other faith or ideology counter to Islam/Mohammedanism.

The point of Wilders could be that Islamic writingsQuran, Hadith, Sunna and Sira have incited Wilders to educate all that will listen that Islam/Mohammedanism’s very existence is an incitement to submit to Islam or else.

Or else what? Dear God in Heaven look at an honest history book that is absent of politically correct egalitarian freedom and discover how from Mohammed’s conquest of Jewish and Christian Arab tribes in Arabian Medina through conquest of Mecca and beyond, Islam has been a harsh imperialistic Theo-Political movement of conquest, slavery and intolerance. The losers to Islam conquest were either brutally murdered and their women and children turned to slaves (oft times sex slaves) or turned into a sub-human class that exists to pay a humiliating tax for protection from the violence of Islam.

Courtesy of Andrew Bostom, he has posted a very erudite essay from Bat Ye’or as to why the Western World should be standing up for Geert Wilders.

Truly you need to

JRH 2/18/09 (Hat Tip: ICJS Research)

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