Saturday, January 03, 2009

Exposer or Racist

I am a huge supporter of Israel. I am one of the guys that have accused pro-Arab American and European politicians of anti-Semitism. Because of this I have began to receive comments on various social blogs telling me they are incredulous that I would make such an accusation.

The incredulity is based on a very valid thought: How can criticism of Israel be racist or anti-Semitic?

Of course a legitimate disagreement with Israel is not anti-Semitic; however when one agrees with anti-Semitic (to the extreme) murdering Islamic terrorists, it is anti-Semitic at the very least by extension. Remember both Hamas and the PA teaches hatred of Jews to Arabs called Palestinians from primary school to graduation. The heritage of
the Islamic Arab created as Palestinians is a 2nd and 3rd generation in racist education toward Jews. It is ingrained in their brutal culture.

Also I have been accused as being a bigot because I am a determined anti-Islamic writer. I know it sounds lame when I profess that I am not an Arab race hater or a hater of those that practice Islam nonetheless it is a true axiom.

The way in which Islam/Mohammedanism is developed as a Theo-political ideology makes the cult/religion in essence a racist-violent-supremacist way of living.

That sounds harsh and contradictory does it not?

Here is the thing as Bill Warner explains in a
December 24 post at Political Islam, if a Muslim follows the dictates of the Quran, Hadith, Sunna and Sira and whatever else tradition that emulates Mohammed, then that Muslim is practicing their faith as a true Muslim. That practice according to all those developed documents is a compendium of violence against non-Muslims (kafirs) and toward Muslims who abandon Islam/Mohammedanism. Those Muslims (which are sensible) that practice the portions of the Quran and traditions which are indeed peaceful, drawing near to their Allah or introspective are NOT following the letter of what most Muslims consider the pure divine will of Allah.

My endeavor toward Islam/Mohammedanism is to find information on the true nature of the Theo-political cult and expose it to the light of scrutiny. Unfortunately Muslims (the exact practitioners and the deluded inexact practitioners) find what I write to be offensive; thus the accusation of racism toward me.

On that December 24 post by Bill Warner he writes about the huge lack of understanding by America’s own so-called experts that are Muslim apologists because they base their expertise on what they are told or on who they know. It is an excellent post and you need to read it!

JRH 1/3/08

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