Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Warner: The Doctrine of Ignorance

Okay, I am a confirmed Islamophobe.

Being an Islamophobe does not mean I have a fear of Islam. It does not mean I have a racist hatred of the practitioners of Islam/Mohammedanism.

It DOES mean that I believe Mohammedanism is an inherently violent theo-political death-cult according to the example of its founder Mohammed and Mohammedanism subsequent writings considered holy by Mohammedans.

As a Christian, the Lord Jesus Christ tells me to
walk in the God-kind of Love with my fellow Believers and as much as is possible walk in the God-kind of Love with non-Believers as well. I tell you that it is often a tough path to walk with Mohammedans that honor the Wahhabi Sunni path or the Shi’ite Twelver path. Those guys are wildly intolerant. Even the less violent schools of Mohammedan thought outside of the Hanbali tradition still follow the inherent violence of what Christians would call Mohammedan scriptures. Still I have to remind myself it is the Will of God that all humanity be Saved and come into the knowledge of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Now that I have justified my version of Islamophobia, you need to read a blog post by Bill Warner of It is entitled “The Doctrine of Ignorance.”

Warner writes of the danger of judging Mohammedanism by that nice co-worker or neighbor Ahmed. Ahmed may be sincerely nice; however if he is a true follower of the Mohammed and the following doctrines developed around Mohammed, Ahmed’s faith is dangerous.

It is kind of like the followers of David Koresh or Jim Jones: they called themselves Christians however they were consumed with death outside the realm of the teaching of the Son of God. A nice follower of Koresh or Jones did not practice a nice faith.

JRH 9/17/08


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