Saturday, August 09, 2008

Study Islam to Understand its Threat

The essence of Islam is evil with the framework of Western standards. It is especially evil compared to Christian ethics; however it is evil also in the face of Western secular ethics.

It is doubtful an egalitarian secular humanist would agree that secular Western ethics would find Islam evil. The fact the Secular Humanism believes all humanity are equal regardless of race, creed, religion (or lack of religion), sexual persuasion et al; forces a view that disparaging the religion of Islam as abhorrent.

And thus I am frequently called a “hater,” “hatemonger,” “bigot” and whatever disparaging epithet because I learning to understand Islam (or Mohammedanism after the theo-political cult’s founder) and to share the information on blogs.

I am indebted to websites such as Jihad Watch, Dhimmi Watch, CAIR Watch, Anti-CAIR, Apostates of Islam, Answering Islam (make sure it is .org and not .com),, Sharia Finance Watch, Faith Freedom International, Counterterrorism Blog, Gates of Vienna, MEMRI and I could name more.

These website give a stark portrayal of Islam in action (so-called moderate and Islamist).

The website that has been beneficial lately is Political Islam. Bill Warner has provided an understanding as to why Muslims can say Islam is peaceful and yet be guilty of such reprehensible acts of violence.

The latest post I have from Bill Warner is “The Doctrine of Deceit.” Here Warner explains how a duality system of ethics allows a Muslim to lie with a sense of guiltlessness or that the concept of “Greater Jihad” (Murdering Kafir) and “Lesser Jihad” (the so-called inner struggle) are equally valid concepts to a Muslim and are non-contradictory.

You should really Read “The Doctrine of Deceit.”

JRH 8/9/08

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